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West Coast Coin and Currency Reviews – Legit or Scam?

It’s very common for people to be interested in rare coins and currency. West Coast Coin and Currency is an Oregon-based company that allows interested people to indulge in their interests by purchasing and selling particular currencies and coin types. Additionally, the company does interactive shows that bring it closer to its customers.

You can see the schedule here if you’re interested in attending any of these.

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A Long Time Interest in Precious Metals

West Coast Coin and Currency

The decision to attempt to become one of Oregon’s reliable coin dealers didn’t happen overnight. Things started well before that when Revick Galstaun, the owner of West Coast Coins, was still 16 years old.

Even back then, he was buying and selling coins in an attempt to make a profit. He saved from an early time, with the intent to find something that he could reliably invest in.

His calling would become even clearer to him when his mother requested that he place some weird nickels in a jar she had. After buying them from her, he did some research and found out that their silver composition made them incredibly valuable.

That was what fueled his fire for collectible coins, which would lead to the business coming into play. His initial collection had Canadian large cents and Lincoln wheat cents. It turns out that dealers would often not search through bags thoroughly for bulk orders. This meant he was paying three cents each for coins often worth $1 – $10.

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Soon, partial sets were built and he started doing Ebay auctioning. Years would pass, and Galstan would have a coin shop that he operates full time, traveling across the USA to do up to 40 shows annually.

Is West Coast Coin Currency a Legitimate Dealer?

Legit Coin Dealer

West Coast Coin Currency is authorized and has done numerous sales using its eBay store. Some of the notable accreditations it possesses are:

  1. American Numismatic Association

  2. Paper Money Guaranty

  3. Certified Coin Exchange

  4. Numismatic Guaranty Company

  5. PCGS Authorized Dealer

An Outstanding Inventory to Rival Any Coin Dealer

You may not find scrap gold here, but there’s a lot of gold coins and silver bullion to dive into. The inventory is very broad, spanning coins from different eras, having different compositions, with different values.

Thankfully, there are categorizations that the site provides, which allow you to search for what you want based on category. You can narrow things down by:

  • Coin series

  • PCGS certified coins

  • CAC approved coins

  • NGC certified coins

  • Morgan dollars

Of course, if you want to see the whole collection, you can do that too. Some of the most intricate collectible-type coins are there to explore.

Doing Shows Since 2007

Coin shows are a big part of what West Coast Coins does. This allows for another layer of interaction with those who are potentially interested in purchases or sales. When you look at the schedule, you’ll see the intended showings, complete with location and time. Note that the schedule is consistently updated, so you may need to check it a few times.

Wrapping Up

West Coast Coins specializes in a series of rare coins and currency types for sale and purchase. The business model is completely online, so while the business is legitimate, you will need to prepare for that.