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Augusta Precious Metals Reviews 2023

Do you know that a gold rush might be happening right underneath your nose without you even realizing it? That’s right! Investors are rushing for the safety and security of physical gold and silver IRAs as investment options.

2022 has not been a kind year for those invested in paper assets, such as mutual funds and the stock market.

With inflation reaching a 40-year high of 9.1% right on the back of one of the worst global pandemics in history, it’s no wonder the economy is in disarray.

However, these are the exact conditions that favor physical gold and silver investments. When the world seems too chaotic for investors to predict how the economy will progress, the best option is to hunker down and buy gold.

One of the best ways to invest in precious metals is through a gold IRA. Instead of purchasing physical gold, one can simply open a gold and silver IRA and for that, you will need a gold IRA company, such s Augusta Precious Metals.

If you are considering diversifying your retirement account portfolio into gold and silver coins and bullion bars, this Augusta Precious Metals Review is for you.

Read on to find out more about Augusta Precious Metals and how you too can become a gold IRA holder in 2023.

Open a Gold IRA

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

With this in mind, we urge you to check out our list of the top five companies in this space (we found 1 that fits 99% of investors needs)

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See if Augusta Precious Metals made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

What Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA company that allows investors to buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. It is an IRS-approved Custodian for gold IRAs, meaning you can use it for your precious metals retirement accounts.

As one of the best gold IRA companies in the country, there have been many Augusta Precious Metals reviews focused on helping potential gold and silver bullion investors learn more about how the company works and what benefits it can provide.

If you have also been thinking of buying gold or silver coins, by the end of this Augusta Precious Metals review you will have a clear idea of whether this is the right custodian for your precious metals IRA account.

Augusta Precious Metals is dedicated to proving all the gold or silver IRA services needed when opening precious metals IRAs. The custodian will help you decide, for example, which gold coins are right for your precious metal IRAs, how to fund your gold IRA, where to store your precious metals, and many other precious metals IRA services.

Like most other Augusta Precious Metals reviews, let us start by looking deeper into this gold and silver IRA Company:

Who Leads Augusta Precious Metals?

Isaac Nuriani is the current CEO of Augusta Precious Metals. He has many years of experience working in the precious metals IRA industry and has acquired extensive knowledge about IRS rules and regulations as well as how to invest in precious metals.

Over the years, CEO Isaac Nuriani has worked for many different companies helping customers to find alternative investment portfolio solutions, of which opening an account for gold and silver IRAs was one possibility.

With such a precious metals IRA expert at the helm, Augusta Precious Metals has grown in leaps and bounds to become the industry leader it is today.

CEO Isaac Nuriani is supported by a dedicated team of individuals that have seen it all and done it all when it comes to investing in gold and silver coins and bullion. These team members include experienced numismatists, coin dealers, and IRA specialists

Where Is the Gold IRA Provider Based?

The headquarters of Augusta Precious Metals is located in Casper, Wyoming. However, it has various branches scattered across the country.

As a precious metals IRA company with an active online platform, Augusta Precious Metals is accessible to investors from across the globe. That means there is no need to travel to Casper, Wyoming just to buy the products that Augusta Precious Metals offers. You can do so from the comfort of your home.

Augusta Precious Metals Business Model

Besides the profits made from the sales of precious metals, Augusta Precious Metals generates revenue by charging fees on products sold and for the various customer support services it offers.

While Augusta Precious Metals charges annual fees and account set-up fees, there are no hidden fees to worry about. A major part of the gold and silver IRA Company’s business model is to be trustworthy and transparent in all its dealings.

Most of its money is made by buying gold and silver bullion at lower prices and then selling these items at a higher price. To help customers ensure that they are not overpaying for their gold and silver products, there is a seven-day price protection plan in place as well as a full refund for new customers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating


Augusta Precious Metals reviews have attained an excellent 4.96 out of 5 rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) review site. This was attained out of a total of 110 reviews in which zero complaints were made about the company.

This BBB rating, along with other Augusta Precious Metals reviews on platforms such as the Business Consumer Alliance puts the company right up as the best precious metals company to work with.

Minimum Investment, Pricing, and Fees

If you are planning on buying gold and silver products from Augusta Precious Metals, you will need to make a minimum investment of $50,000. This is a lot of money and is much higher than other precious metals IRA companies.

However, if you are going to be funding your account by doing a 401(k) rollover, this minimum investment is easily attainable and is worth it considering the services and quality of products you will receive.

In terms of fees, Augusta Precious Metals charges the following:

  • A one-time account set-up fee of $50

  • Annual custodian fee of $100

  • Annual depository fee of $100

This means you should expect to pay annual fees of no more than $200. The pricing, however, is another story, because Augusta Precious Metals has a markup of up to 66% on some of its premium coins. This is quite steep, although its regular products are not as expensive.

Support Team

At Augusta Precious Metals, you will be given around-the-clock support from a team of dedicated precious metals experts. This means from the moment you decide to do a 401(k) rollover, right up until you purchase gold and other precious metals, you will be given advice and support to help you make the right decisions.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Right for You?

One of the key factors that will determine whether Augusta Precious Metals is the right choice for you is the minimum investment required. At $50,000, Augusta Precious Metals certainly is one of the most expensive precious metals IRA companies to invest with.

You will have to carefully consider your budget and decide whether it would not be better to opt for one of the cheaper options that may require as low as $10,000 for a minimum investment.

However, in terms of quality of service, Augusta Precious Metals will give you your money’s worth. If you want peace of mind, you are better off choosing a company that has a reputation for being transparent in all its dealings.

Augusta Precious Metals

Pros and Cons

Just like any other gold IRA provider, Augusta Precious Metals comes with its own pros and cons that you will have to consider, such as:



The Best Things About Augusta Precious Metals

If you are wondering what makes the $50,000 minimum investment worth it, you will be surprised at the wide range of products and services that Augusta Precious Metals can offer, such as:

Educational Materials

There is always something new to learn in the precious metals industry. Not only is the spot price of gold and silver always changing, but there are also a host of new metals for you to consider investing in. That is why any reputable precious metals dealer will always make an effort to provide enough educational material to its clients.

At Augusta Precious Metals you will find literature, videos, and even one-on-one webinars that are meant to help educate you on all the important aspects of investing in a gold and silver IRA.

Besides that, you will also get daily updates on the spot price of gold and silver, information about IRS rules and regulations, as well as tips on how to make opening and managing a gold IRA easier,

Lifetime Support

The customer care and support that is provided by Augusta Precious Metals doesn’t simply end the moment you walk out the door with your precious metals. The company understands that opening a gold IRA account is a lifetime investment that requires lifetime support.

If you need to make additional purchases to add to your physical gold and other precious metals, Augusta Precious Metals will be there to assist. Lifetime support means you can come back to Augusta Precious Metals any time, even decades after making our purchase and they will still consider you their valued client.

Great Customer Reviews

These days, one of the most important things considered by prospective clients when evaluating a company is customer reviews. Thanks to platforms such as the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, it is easy to look up any company and see what other people say about its services.

Positive reviews are the bread and butter of online companies and Augusta Precious Metals has those in spades. Based on over 100 reviews on the Better Business Bureau Augusta Precious Metals is one of the best gold companies you can work with. Considering how expensive precious metals are, this is one thing that you always have to check before dealing with an unknown company.

Wide Range of Precious Metals

Besides physical gold and silver, there are so many other precious metals out there. Since the reason for opening a gold IRA in the first place was to diversify your account, it makes sense that you would want to have as varied a section of precious metals as possible.

At Augusta Precious Metals you will find all kinds of coins, bars, and bullion to choose from. Although some of its rarer bullion coins come at a premium, you have access to a host of other ordinary coins that are a lot more affordable and are still great investment choices.

Trusted Gold IRA Company

Trustworthiness and transparency are everything in the precious metals industry. There are simply too many fraudulent companies out there posing as genuine gold IRA custodians. This is why Augusta Precious Metals guards its reputation as an honest entity very jealously.

If you are looking for a custodian that will not only supply you with genuine precious metals but also provide the safety and security that these products require, look no further than Augusta Precious Metals.

The company is fully insured and has many years of experience handling precious metals, which should be enough to give you the peace of mind you need when investing such large sums of money.

Reliable Depository Storage Facilities

One thing you will have to understand about investing in a gold IRA is that the IRS will not allow you to keep your gold. This is why Augusta Precious Metals works with a wide range of IRS-approved depositories, such as the Delaware Depository.

Augusta Precious Metals also works with a wide range of depositories in many cities across the country, such as:

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts

  • Jackson, Ohio

  • South Fargo, North Dakota

  • Wilmington, Delaware

  • Dallas, Texas

  • New Castle, Delaware

  • Shiner, Texas

  • Springfield Gardens, New York

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Nampa, Idaho


You should always look out for gold IRA companies that offer a few perks to loyal customers. The precious metals industry is very tough and that is why Augusta Precious Metals pulls out all the stops to make sure that you get 100% customer satisfaction.

One of the perks that you can look forward to is an offer for free delivery to any of Augusta Precious Metals’ IRS-approved depositories. This is a welcome service given the difficulty and high cost of transporting precious metals.

However, this is only available if you are going to store your gold and silver with one of the depositories that Augusta Precious Metals partners with. If you would rather store your metals elsewhere, you will have to arrange the delivery yourself, which is the only downside.

How Does Augusta Precious Metals Work? – Five Steps

How Augusta Precious Metals Work

When you are finally ready to open an account with Augusta Precious Metals, you will find that the company has a very simple process, as follows:


As with any other type of investment, you must dedicate a lot of time to doing proper research into how precious metals companies operate and which features you should look out for.

Augusta Precious Metals makes this very easy thanks to the wide range of educational material that is available on its websites, such as webinars, literature, podcasts, and interactive videos.

Open a Gold and Silver IRA

When you feel you have learned enough to start investing in physical gold or silver coins, it’s time to open an account with Augusta Precious Metals. It’s a simple process that involves logging in to the website, entering your personal information, and completing the registration form.

Fund Your Account

One of the reasons why many former clients recommend Augusta Precious Metals is because of its in-depth understanding of the rollover process, which is one of the preferred options for funding your account.

A rollover will make it simple to transfer the minimum investment of $50,000 from your existing IRA account to the account of your custodian. Failing that, you can make a direct transfer from your bank straight into the account of Augusta Precious Metals.

Buy Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion Bars

There is a rule that says all the coins and bars you intend to invest in a precious metals IRA must come from an IRS-approved mint, such as the Royal Canadian Mint, as an example.

Other than that, you can invest in any metal you want, as long as it meets the IRS standard for purity, which is 99.9% for silver and 99.5% for gold, platinum, and palladium.

Consider the following examples:

  • American Gold Eagle Coin

  • Gold American Buffalo coins

  • American Eagle Proof gold and silver coins

  • American Eagle platinum coins or bars

  • Credit Suisse bars made by an NYMEX or COMEX-approved refinery

  • Platinum or palladium Canadian Maple Leaf coins

  • South African Gold Krugerrand coins

  • Platinum and Palladium bars minted by an NYMEX or COMEX-approved refinery

  • Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver coins

  • Austrian Philharmonic gold and silver

  • Canadian Polar Bear & Cub coins

  • British Britannia (2013 and newer)

  • Australian Kookaburra coins

  • Australian Kangaroo gold and silver coins

  • Chinese Panda coins

Choose IRS Storage Facilities

A good example of an IRS-approved storage facility is the Delaware depository in Wilmington. It has all the basic requirements for a proper storage facility, which are security, licensing, and insurance.

Of course, there are many other storage options that you can choose but select one from the many that Augusta Precious Metals offers will save you a lot of trouble and allow you to take advantage of the free delivery.

Important Services

Augusta Precious Metals offers many services to precious metal investors, four services, in particular, are what define the company as a whole. These are:

Gold IRAs

When you want to invest in gold and silver bullion through a self-directed IRA, Augusta Precious Metals is the go-to custodian. The company is a specialist in all that has to do with adding precious metals to retirement accounts and will provide clients with all the necessary information, advice, and assistance to make the process as simple as possible.

Precious Metals Storage Facilities

Storing a gold bar in a safe at home is never considered the best option. When you choose to open a self-directed IRA funded by precious metals, using an approved storage facility becomes mandatory and as such, it is a key part of the services offered by Augusta Precious Metals.

Buy-back Program

Most gold IRA companies generally offer the same services to those investing in precious metals for their retirement savings. However, what makes Augusta Precious Metals different from the rest is the perks it offers.

Services such as the buy-back program are very popular among investors. What this program does it’s that it will give you the assurance that should you ever wish to sell your precious metals, the company will buy them back from you, no questions asked.

This ensures that in case of emergency, you will have a guaranteed buyer for your gold and silver bars making it easier to liquidate your portfolio.

Gold and Silver for Direct Purchases

If the idea of not being able to keep your gold does not appeal to you, you can always purchase physical gold and silver from Augusta Precious Metals and keep it at home, although it will not be part of your IRA. The following are some of the products you can directly purchase in this way:

Gold Coins

  • St. Helena Gold Sovereign

  • Canadian .25% Gold $10 Arctic Fox

  • The Rose Crown Guinea

  • Canadian .25 Gold $10 Polar Bear and Cub

  • American Gold Buffalo Proof

  • Great Britain ¼oz Gold Year of the Monkey

  • Gold American Eagle Proof

  • Great Britain ¼oz Gold Year of the Rooster

  • Certified American Eagle

  • $10 Indian coins

  • $20 Saint Gaudens coins

  • Certified American Buffalo Proof

Silver Coins

  • American Silver Eagle 1oz. (random year)

  • Silver 50% Bag (various face values)

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

  • Canadian Silver 5 Blessings

  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver

  • America the Beautiful

  • Silver Round 1oz.

Gold Bullion

  • Gold American Eagle

  • South African Gold Krugerrand

  • Gold America Buffalo

  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Gold Bar 10 oz. and Gold Bar 1 oz.

Silver Bullion

  • American Silver Eagle

  • 90% Silver Bar

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf bullion bars

  • America the Beautiful (Cumberland Gap, Fort Moultrie, or Effigy Mounds)

  • Canadian Silver 5 Blessings

  • Silver Round 1 oz.

  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver Bar

  • Silver Bar (Our Choice Hallmark America)

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?

Judging from the customer reviews that stretch back a few years, it is safe to say that Augusta Precious Metals is a legitimate gold IRA custodian. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. Considering that these ratings are from well over 100 satisfied customers, we do not doubt that Augusta Precious Metals is the real deal.

Other Gold IRA Companies

A quick look at the wide range of products and services offered on the Augusta Precious Metals website will tell you why it is our preferred option for opening a gold IRA. However, there are other options that you may consider, which may require a less minimum investment than Augusta Precious Metals and these are:



Although Goldco requires the same amount for annual fees as Augusta Precious Metals ($200 for each company) it only requires $25,000 for a minimum investment. This makes Goldco a lot more accessible to a wider range of investors than Augusta Precious Metals.

Goldco also has one of the highest buy-back prices around, making it a worthy alternative to Augusta Precious Metals.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold

The Birch Gold Group requires just $10,000 for you to start investing in precious metals. On top of that, it even offers a platinum IRA and a palladium IRA, which Augusta Precious Metals does not.

As soon as you register with the IRA company, you will get dedicated experts to handle your investment portfolio for life, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold

A lot of investors flock to Noble Gold because they know that only $20,000 is required to give them access to world-class precious metals IRAs services. Even though the range of precious metals is not as diverse as Augusta Precious Metals, you will still have more than enough choices to start a gold or silver IRA.

Final Verdict

Investing in precious metals for your future does not have to be a complicated process. With the right custodian by your side, you too can have a secure and inflation-proof gold IRA account to rely on when times get rough.

This Augusta Precious Metals review has shown, without a doubt, this is one of the best options for a precious metals IRA. Augusta Precious Metals has the products, reputation, transparency, and affordable fees to make this a worthy consideration for your 2023 investments.