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GSB Gold Standard Review: Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

Established in 2011 in Germany, the GSB Gold Standard Group initially specialized in the trading of precious metals and minerals on a global scale. With a wide-reaching exchange network spanning over 100 countries, GSB has introduced numerous international products and services. Notably, the digital G999 card has gained prominence, providing a secure means of safeguarding digital assets. GSB also boasts an international business blockchain platform (BBB), facilitating technological innovation and transparency for various companies. Additionally, the company offers digital banking services and operates as a universal gold merchant.

This gives this company a huge advantage over its possible competence, as few companies in the precious metals industry offer products that allow their clients to use the gold in their accounts easily and safely.

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Continued Technological Advancements in the Precious Metals Industry

GSB Gold Standard Group is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing technological advancements within the financial industry. The company’s software solutions continue to evolve and become increasingly advanced, providing a platform that connects investment professionals and traders seamlessly. Businesses can conduct transactions reliably, quickly, and securely through this platform.

In fact, many investors choose GSB Gold Standard for this sole reason. Its platform is extremely easy to use, especially compared to the rest of the platforms on the market, demonstrating that trading precious metals can be extremely easy when implementing the right technology.

GSB Gold Standard

Innovation Center

The company has also established a software innovation center, which catalyzes upgrading and embracing the era of blockchain technology. This center ensures that GSB remains at the forefront of industry developments, enabling it to deliver superior services and products to its clientele. Overall, GSB Gold Standard Group is a top-tier company capable of distributing gold and other precious metals, catering to brokerage firms, asset managers, trust management companies, fintech startups, and more.

This makes GSB one of the top companies in the field of precious metals trading, as you can perform financial transactions with a precious metals dealer in little to no time. With GSB, you won’t have to worry whether you want to trade gold for yourself or your company, as it is designed to cater to all sorts of traders and businesses.

Products and Services Offered by GSB


Transparency lies at the core of GSB Gold Standard Group’s operations, with the company ensuring that its secure website and platform provide clear visibility to all users. One of GSB’s goals is to be able to meet all of its customer’s needs, which is why its staff has worked hard over the years to create all the fantastic products, services, and ways to purchase precious metals it has. Headquartered in Germany, GSB offers a range of products and services that meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can do with GSB:

1- GS Lifestyle Card

The CEO of GSB Gold Standard Group, Josip Heit, introduced the solid-gold GS Lifestyle Card in February 2021. This solid gold credit card allows users to spend cryptocurrency and other cyber assets as real money. Therefore, those utilizing the G999 blockchain card can convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currencies and make worldwide payments without having to go through the hassle of dealing with other precious metals dealers.

GSB Gold Standard Group aims to provide better exchange rates than traditional banks, offering instant rewards to cardholders, creating the GSB Gold Standard Bank, which aims to compete against conventional banks. Moreover, you can find several card variants, including gold-plated, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum options.

2- G999 Coin

G999 is a peer-to-peer cash transfer option with a high transaction capacity. It allows traders to perform seamless financial transactions between wallets, eliminating the need for intermediaries or central banks. The decentralized nature of this cryptocurrency, coupled with the secure blockchain technology employed, minimizes the risk of cybercrime and ensures a safe and reliable process. GSB Gold Standard Group prioritizes security and privacy, utilizing asymmetric encryption to protect user data. This approach enhances user confidence and reduces liability concerns.

Moreover, this native cryptocurrency is perfect for those seeking an alternative to regular crypto assets. Since it comes from a solid, well-established company in the international business gold market, it is a great alternative for gold trading and selling precious metals, but also for using in day-to-day transactions, so that all your money is centralized in a secure platform and you don’t have to switch between digital wallets to execute a transaction.

3- Universal Gold Merchant

When trading precious metals, GSB Gold Standard Group’s universal gold merchant facilitates the conversion of users’ crypto holdings into fiat currency, enabling seamless integration with traditional business activities. After the tokens are exchanged, the fiat currency can be transferred to a bank account, fostering transparency in transactions conducted all around the world thanks to the GSB Gold Standard Bank.

4- Blockchain Technology Academy

The GSB Gold Standard Group provides educational resources to users who seek comprehensive knowledge about cryptocurrency and gold trading. Through online video courses, users gain insights into various aspects of blockchain technology. Although you must pay a subscription fee to gain access to these courses, the content is structured to be easily understandable and practical, so it is a highly rewarding investment. Once you finish each course, participants receive a blockchain certificate, validating their proficiency. This educational initiative aims to give trading and financial professionals the necessary knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

Is GSB Gold Standard Group Worth Considering?

When addressing concerns about the legitimacy of GSB Gold Standard Group, it is important to note that extensive research suggests the company is not a scam. With its competent team of blockchain developers and IT experts, GSB provides reliable services and garners considerable media attention. Although there have been complaints about the G999 coin system’s performance, these issues have been timely solved so that clients don’t experience further problems with the Gold Standard Bank. Still, it is crucial for businesses to thoroughly understand any new software or coins before investing.

GSB Benefits

The GSB Gold Standard Group has established itself as a trusted management company, offering secure transactions and prioritizing user safety. With its extensive range of reliable software solutions, long-standing presence in the market, and commitment to customer satisfaction, GSB is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The company’s emphasis on transparency, real-time data, and accessibility contributes to its appeal.

Online Reviews

It is worth noting that the availability of online customer reviews for GSB Gold Standard Group is limited, making it challenging to form an opinion based on testimonials from other users. Some customers have also expressed concerns about the responsiveness of the customer service team. Therefore, if you’re considering GSB Gold Standard Group, you should explore alternative options and thoroughly evaluate your specific requirements.

This doesn’t mean that GSB is a bad company, but it is always important to check all of your options before settling for a gold trading company, as you must always take care of your money and make sure no scammers get their hands on it.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, GSB Gold Standard Group has made significant strides in revolutionizing the financial industry. Its innovative physical and digital products, combined with the integration of blockchain technology, position it as a leading player. Instant transactions, lifestyle cards, and other offerings have garnered attention and interest from individuals and businesses alike. Nonetheless, although GSB Gold Standard Group presents an attractive proposition, you should conduct further research to determine the best-suited financial service provider for their specific needs and preferences.

Still, the best way to learn more about a company is to try it for yourself, so don’t be afraid to check out its website and learn first-hand what this company has to offer.