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Hero Bullion Review – Buying and Selling Precious Metals in Texas

Hero Bullion is a private mint in Texas that believes that anyone should be able to own precious metals. They have gold, silver, platinum, platinum, and other precious metals in stock for interested buyers. Whatever item you buy is intended as a hedge against economic turmoil and inflation.

The company has certain features that make it comparatively better than other private mints.

This piece is a Hero Bullion review that examines the products that make it trustworthy. It provides data-rich content, information, and comments to help you make the right decisions.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if Hero Bullion made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

About Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion Review

Hero Bullion understands how hard you work to improve your financial portfolio for yourself and your family. 

These are excellent value stores that perform well during economic hardships. They are also easy to buy and sell regardless of where you find yourself. Precious metals are accepted mediums of exchange in several regions. The only issue with this form of financial security is verifying that you receive authentic products during a sale. Handling these without help from an expert can be overwhelming.

Hero Bullion simplifies how you can store your savings portfolio in the form of valuable coins and bars. The process for selling and buying is straightforward and comes with support for customers that may have inquiries.

After signing up with Hero Bullion, you receive everything to help you reach your bullion investment goals. Hero offers precious metals at competitive prices, delivers your products to you quickly, and charges no commissions or fees. The objective is to leave you satisfied with the best ornaments. There are also options for customizing your bullion.

Hero Bullion has been in business for over 60 years. This means they have the necessary experience to ensure that the precious metals you receive are authentic. You can find several positive reviews about the company online.

Hero Bullion Products and Services

Hero Bullion Products and Services

Users can buy or customize their bullion with certain features when they get them from mints. These include Royal Canadian Mint, Asahi Refining, The Perth Mint, etc. However, Hero Bullion provides additional features such as storage and shipping.

Visit the Hero Bullion Website

Customers can buy any precious metal they want from the company’s website. The site uses a responsive design to produce an appropriate appearance on every browser and screen size.

You can get a variety of bars, coins, stackers, grains, and other products with a simple search. Even though the pages for the metals vary, they all have user-friendly designs.

Every product page opens a new window with details about the metal you want and the available purchasing options. Searching for a product is easier with the filter feature on the product page. This helps you find specific items without much technical knowledge.

The website seeks your permission to store cookies that make subsequent visits easier. 

An example of the direct nature of the process is the ability to move straight to the shipment point after selecting your precious metal.

Customer Support Service

There are several customer care options when you choose Hero Bullion. The first is the availability of support reps to receive your complaints via phone during regular business hours. You can also reach them by email and expect a response within 24 hours.

Customers get access to a set of frequently asked questions with answers on the website. These offer solutions to the most common issues other customers encounter without reaching customer care.

Specific Information on Products

You are not limited to buying gold or silver if you choose Hero Bullion. There are several other metals that you buy. The company wants to be more than just a vendor. This is why it strategically positions itself as a place to get all types of precious metals and accessories for preserving them. You can get information about the available offers at the top of the site. Hero Bullion has sale offers for businesses with a specific item in abundance. The company helps them move a lot of this product to make room in their inventories. Investors should regularly check the site for such acquisition opportunities.

You can also find the price list of products at the top of the website to enable customers to make estimations before a purchase.

Note that postage is your responsibility for orders below $149. Orders above $149 are free. This is one of the several delivery options available on the website.

All products that Hero Bullion sells have total insurance. You will receive compensation for damages your product suffers during transit. The insurance also covers situations where the product goes missing.

How to Make an Order

People can make direct orders on the Hero Bullion website. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. It also enables you to understand the product properties and payment methods.

The website is user-friendly and allows even the most non-technical person to navigate the various features without problems.

You can relax if you have concerns about security on the website. Hero Bullion uses the best financial technology and protocols to ensure that your personal and credit card information is safe.

There is also the option of tracking your order after completion. You can enter your order number and email address to help you determine precisely where your product is in transit. This is a straightforward method for monitoring your precious metal portfolio.

Hero Bullion Pricing

About Hero Bullion

Prices of items on the Hero Bullion website are updated every minute. It makes it quite challenging for you to estimate the purchase cost in advance. You can buy any precious metal with confidence due to the pricing algorithm. This updates regularly and guarantees that people get the best deals possible.

You can save much if you pay with a wire transfer or check. Additionally, you can get discounts if you make large purchases.

Resources in Hero Bullion

You can get valuable resources on the Hero Bullion website. It provides many charts and pricing information on its precious metals with simple-to-use explanations.

Users regularly find the price of the metal they want to sell or buy available live on the website. This makes it easy to calculate the potential cost of each precious metal unit you want to buy.

Pros of Hero Bullion

There are several benefits to buying precious metals from Hero Bullion. Below are a few examples of these advantages.

  • It has decades of experience in the field. This means a high probability that they have more expertise than other mints available.

  • Hero Bullion provides top-notch services and more than most websites. These include purchasing, specials, discounts, and the number of products available.

  • The website gets several five-star reviews from different independent minting company critics.

Hero Bullion has fair prices, rapid response times, and an active contact center that commits fully to meeting customers’ needs.

  • The business is your one-stop shop for buying bullion and associated accessories.

Potential Areas of Concern

Hero Bullion is an excellent bullion mint with great services. However, there are certain features of the service that customers worry about.

They consist of the following:

  • The company only provides basic payment options for people interested in buying their precious metals. There should be several alternatives to simplify transactions. One popular feature the company does not have is the option for customers to pay for their purchases with cryptocurrency.

  • One suspicious claim is that they are solely an internet company that outsources purchasing, selling, and minting gold items. This is because the initial claim to have been in business for about 60 years. Even though Hero has changed over time, the two claims still seem contradictory.

  • Hero Bullion criticizes using cryptocurrencies in some blog posts and highlights the associated risks. The irony is that the company sells Bitcoin-related copper coins in its product listing.

  • How to store the metal you buy from Hero Bullion can be problematic. Some mints provide vaults to help you to store the gold you buy. This also provides security for the asset. The company does not provide this service, thus you will be fully in charge of the storage of any precious metals you purchase.

  • Hero Bullion doesn’t offer any way for selling precious metals directly. As a result, you will need to find other sites if you wish to sell your bullion.

  • The website has a “sell to us” area with each section marked “Coming soon.” Since it is unknown how long this part has been like this, one can only assume more selling options will emerge soon.


Hero Bullion is a suitable website for people interested in buying precious metals. This is because of the number of items on sale and the volume of information available. Independent critics also have positive reviews and evaluations that place it ahead of most competing websites. There are some problems with the service. However, these are minimal compared to the many advantages that Hero provides.

This is a highly-functional website that accommodates the need of many users. It should be part of the options to consider when looking for a gold IRA to secure your funds or make precious metal purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Buying gold or other precious metals can be risky. People will try to pass off counterfeits for sale for every valuable commodity. This is why you should be extra careful when making a purchase.

Hero Bullion prevents this by providing a warranty for every item on sale. It sells products with a specific weight, purity, and fineness that you can check for authenticity.

How Do I Place a Hero Bullion Order?

Hero prides itself in how it simplifies several processes on its website. An example is how customers place orders and make payments. You can explore the company’s collection of bullion, add the ones you want to your cart, and proceed to checkout without getting help from any support service. The available payment methods and address submissions are also direct.

This bullion buying process is highly secure. There is also the option of placing your order via phone. Call Hero Bullion at (214) 210-9948 if you prefer this instead. The customer service representatives are always ready to guide you through the process and answer any inquiries you have.

What Happens If I Make an Order But I Change My Mind and Choose Not to Submit Payment?

Information influences human behavior. Opinions and preferences change when we access new data about a subject. This is why buyer’s guilt is common.

Hero Bullion understands this and makes provisions for people to be able to change their minds about buying products before confirming an order. However, after receiving a sales order confirmation number, the transaction moves from a preference to a legally binding agreement.

The customer at this point accepts associated market risks and operational costs that come with fulfilling their order. Hero Bullion’s agreement gives them certain rights as the seller. An example is the right to cancel your sales order if the company discovers that you have breached any aspect of the contract. This includes failing to make the required payments, shipment, etc.

You can also cancel your sales order if you want to. However, you should remember that this will come with a $50 cancellation fee to cover market losses and time spent on processing.

The customer is also responsible for any fees and expenses that Hero Bullion will incur in their attempt to recover payment from you. Market gains from canceled sales orders become interesting for the company and remain its property.

Cancellation on the part of Hero is also at the sole discretion of the company.

Are There Consequences to Ignoring Hero Bullion Charges and Penalties?

Customers that look forward to using Hero Bullion services for a long time should ensure that they settle any charges or issues that come up when buying products. The company can freeze all future orders or sales until the customer settles outstanding market losses and cancellation fees in full. It won’t accept additional orders until it receives compensation for every market loss.

I Placed Multiple Orders on the Same Day. Will They Be Shipped Together?

Hero Bullion ships multiple orders from the same customer together under specific conditions. The first is that your payment for the different items cleared for shipping on the same day and that you selected free delivery at checkout. All items like this are put together in a single box and processed for shipping.

The company does not hold cleared orders while waiting for others to clear. Some mints do this to cut costs when they ship the orders together. However, Hero prioritizes getting orders to you as soon as possible and won’t delay such orders.

If Hero Bullion combines numerous orders, the company will provide a tracking number for each order detail on your dashboard. You will also receive additional shipping confirmation emails.

Customers who pay for the delivery will not have their orders combined, regardless of the conditions. Each purchase will be handled and shipped separately.

Remember that whether or not you choose Hero Bullion depends on your preferences. However, we hope this review gives you enough data to help you make the right decision.