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Great American Mint – Full Review

Located in Anaheim, California, Great American Mint is a well-known precious metals company. It was born in 2011 but started operating in this industry in 2013. Nowadays, it offers gold and silver coins and other products from various mints.

Great American Mint takes pride in the manufacturing process of its precious metals. It offers unique, handmade craftsmanship that is only available when you deal with a United States mint.

Great American Mint

Moreover, the company relies on environmentally-friendly methods to make its commemorative coins, unique silver round bars, royal Canadian mint coins, and other precious metals. One of its most notable characteristics is that it offers numerous alternatives to choose from, which is often attractive for gold and silver buyers who want to add rare products to their collections.

Currently, Great American Mint has one of the most extensive precious metals operations in the US. Customers can purchase and sell silver rounds, investment-grade bullion blanks, coins, and other products. This review takes a deep dive into what it offers and whether or not you should purchase its products.

Great American Mint Products and Services

This business offers a selection of services and products from the United States mint. Great American Mint offers a myriad of options to choose from. Each product has a specific value depending on its mint, age, and condition, so you get to pick something that adapts to your needs.

The services that this organization gives clients range from minting to the production and selling of different precious metals. You can customize your silver and gold coins, add value to your collection by picking rare offers, and more.

Some of its alternatives include Buffalo nickel coins, gold, silver, Walking Liberty dollars, bullion bars, and other valuable products. Here are some of its most notable options:

Gold Coins

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, if you’re in this industry, you know gold is one of the most popular products. It’s common in jewelry, and bullion bars, and many clients get it as an alternate currency.

With Great American Mint, clients can purchase bullion bars and coins and choose from different mint alternatives. They can protect their wealth by having some of this precious metal at home, and if they ever need to, they can melt it, trade it, or even sell it at the purchase price.

This company offers gold from some of the best American mint options. In addition, it buys it from clients who are looking to sell.

Gold American Eagle Coins

Gold American Eagle Coins

The coins are available if you deal with Great American Mint. They’re one of the most famous gold options for precious metals lovers, and depending on what you choose when working with this company, you may access special offers.

American Liberty

The American Liberty was the first 100-dollar coin in the American mint, and it has been around since 2015. Even though it’s not old compared to other alternatives, it’s still popular, and you can also acquire it with Great American Mint.

Britannia Gold Coins

Produced by the Royal mint, these coins are one of the most popular products among British investors, but they have gained fame in America as well. The beauty of their design, historic value, and gold complexion make them a fantastic alternative for many buyers.

Silver Coins

Great American Mint offers silver rounds, coins, and other products too. The Morgan silver dollar and the Canadian silver maple leaf are two of the most renowned alternatives, but the Walking Liberty, United We Stand, National Purple Heart of Color, and other options are also available.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

This alternative is often convenient for people who want to invest in silver bullion. In addition to being a piece of money that people can use in an emergency, it’s cheaper than gold, so its growth potential is often attractive.

Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan silver dollar coins are some of the most precious products in the American mint. Collectors consider them beautiful, and both them and bullion investors seek them due to their appearance and the fact that they’re highly marketable.

Great American Mint does not only offer silver rounds, gold coins, and similar products. It also gives clients platinum, copper, and commemoratives.

Although platinum products and other precious metals may not be as popular as silver and gold, they have a profit potential and can be a fantastic way to get started in this industry. Moreover, they may be cheaper than other rounds, bullion, and coins.

Great American Mint Accessories

When you start investing or collecting silver rounds, coins, and other products from American mint, you need to remember that handling your products is an essential part of the process.

With Great American Mint, you can get numerous accessories, such as vinyl coin pouches, capsules for your silver rounds, collector’s cases, albums for your mint products, sleeves, and items to save your bullion.

This company also allows you to choose from a myriad of options when it comes to shipping, storing, and delivering. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in California or not – its alternatives accommodate people in various places.

Customers can choose from different customized solutions for storing silver, gold, platinum, and other metals. The company guarantees it meets the clients’ needs, so it offers numerous alternatives to pick from.

Lastly, this organization offers various payment and shipping methods. You can buy your platinum, silver, and precious metals with your credit or debit card, or make other types of transactions.

It offers free shipping, and all products come in beautiful packaging. Therefore, you get something aesthetically pleasing and artistically valuable when you purchase some of these products.

Reputation and Pros and Cons

Understanding what other people say about a company is vital when you’re thinking about buying silver rounds, bullion, platinum, currency products, or any other items from a specific organization.

Some of the pros of this Californian company are that it offers numerous products to choose from, free shipping, unique coin designs, and supplies to collectors.

However, it has a one-star rating on Google. In addition, there are no customer reviews, and it doesn’t have social media accounts, which is crucial in today’s world. Other companies that also offer clients silver, bullion, gold rounds, and similar products have not accredited this organization, either.

The company has received various complaints about poor management and a lack of refunds. Overall, it’s hard to tell what a business is like if there are no reviews from any client.

Final Verdict

Great American Mint offers numerous products, but it maintains a one-star Google rating and has no customer reviews. Therefore, clients may have a challenging time trying to determine what they’re getting if they place an order.

Since this company has no social media presence, it’s also difficult to identify how it works and what people have to say about it.

Sometimes, customers who have tried to purchase silver, bullion, rounds, bars, and other products from this company have complained. They’ve said they had a bad experience and that the organization did not fulfill their orders or return their money.

Considering the previously mentioned information, investing in precious metals with this organization can be very risky. Many other companies offer bullion bars, silver coins, and affordable products.