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Schiff Gold Review: Everything You Should Know

Schiff Gold Review

Schiff Gold launched in 2010 as Euro Pacific Precious Metals but rebranded in 2014. The New York-based company deals in precious metals such as bullions, bars, and coins.

The company is owned by Peter Schiff, who has extensive experience in the financial industry. He teamed up with other industry specialists to help investors build wealth by investing in precious metals and securing their post-retirement life.

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Who is Peter Schiff?

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a savvy businessman and highly successful broker. He started as a stockbroker in the 1990s with Shearson Lehman Brothers. After staying with the firm for several years, he left and formed Euro Pacific Capital with a partner.

It was first based in Los Angeles before moving its headquarters to Connecticut. Today it has offices in:

    • Florida

    • Scottsdale

    • Newport Beach

    • Boca Raton

    • Arizona

    • New York City

The company’s investment strategy focuses on building long-term wealth for its clients amid the declining dollar while emphasizing emerging markets and commodity-based investments.

What was the Inspiration Behind Schiff Gold?

Peter Schiff started Schiff Gold after realizing that some of his clients at Euro Pacific Metals bought numismatic coins, gold, and silver at exorbitant prices after being misled by dubious dealers.

Peter started Schiff Gold to offer a reliable alternative that sells only bullion physical products at discounted prices.

What Does Schiff Gold Do?

The company has various products and services, although it’s mostly known for dealing in precious metals such as boullions, coins, and bars. Whether you want to sell or buy precious metals, Schiff Gold is your best stop.

Let’s highlight some of the primary products and services of the company.

Selling and Buying Precious Metals

Schiff Gold will help you buy or sell precious metals regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor. The company has vast experience backed by a highly professional team to help you make informed choices to protect your financial future.

The company will assist you even when you have precious metals you want to sell. If you’re starting to buy, Schiff Gold guarantees the lowest prices in the market.

Precious Metals IRA

An individual retirement account allows for saving for your retirement. Fortunately, it accepts putting some of your savings in precious metals. Schiff Gold can help you roll over your old IRA into a new one.  Read our entry what is a gold ira rollover if you don’t understand this concept.

Alternatively, the company can help you convert your 401(k) investment into precious metals such as physical gold and silver. Precious metals are a solid and reliable investment to secure a comfortable retirement since they are less prone to inflation.

Secure Storage for Precious Metals

After buying precious metals, you need safe storage for your investment. Fortunately, Schiff Gold partners with domestic and international vault companies to protect customers’ assets.

The company can also arrange for you to have a safe vault facility at your home. Keeping your precious metals near you offers peace of mind.

Research and Analysis

Schiff Gold undertakes market research and analysis to help its clients stay updated on trends. You can follow the company on social media to access original commentaries, market value updates, and a frequently asked questions section.

All these help investors stay abreast with what’s happening in the precious metals market.

What Sets Schiff Gold Apart From Other Precious Metals Brokerage Firms?

Under the stewardship of Peter Schiff, the company provides various services you can’t get from rivals. Here is a Schiff Gold review of its unique services:

Peter Schiff’s Guarantee

Schiff Gold guarantees that all the products it sells are pure and authentic. The company offers products that Peter Schiff would personally buy. It discourages investors from purchasing numismatic and collectible products. They are not among the company’s products.

The company’s zero tolerance for high-pressure sales allows investors to make sound investment decisions. Precious metals specialists are available to give customers personalized service.

Managed by Industry Professionals

The company’s first advantage over its competitors is its highly professional and experienced management team.

Peter Schiff has vast experience in managing gold, foreign equities, and currencies. He was inspired to set up the company to offer brokerage services to potential investors interested in bullion.

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The executive team at Schiff Gold includes bright and strategic thinkers in managerial roles who contribute to offering exceptional services to clients. Members of the Schiff Gold management team include:

    • Matt Malleo as Schiff Gold executive director and senior precious metals specialist

    • River Allen as Schiff Gold’s senior precious metals specialist

    • Jonathan Sosnay as Schiff Gold’s executive director and senior precious metals specialist

    • Joel Bauman as a senior precious metals specialist at Schiff Gold

    • Valerie Alikakos as Schiff Gold’s staff accountant

Competitive Pricing Structure

Schiff Gold offers up-to-the-minute pricing for precious metals on live charts. Checking the charts before investing in precious metals IRAs ensures you aren’t overpriced.

The company doesn’t charge a high commission. Its premiums are among the lowest in the precious metals market.

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Reliable and Safe Storage Options

Safe Storage Options

Another feature distinguishing Schiff Gold from its competitors is its reliable and safe storage options. The company partners with international and local vault companies.

The rebranded company also offers home vault facility services for investors. This allows customers to have their investments nearby. No other investment broker offers home storage for precious metals.

Connection With Multiple Shipping Partners

Schiff Gold stands out among its competitors for its reliable shipping partners. The company delivers to customers through the US government postal service corporation. It also uses FedEx Corporation or UPS.

Customers have peace of mind that processing orders for their precious metals will take from one to two days. Shipping of orders takes from two to four days, and Schiff Gold even ships to customers abroad.

Accepts Various Payment Options

The choice of payment option is essential before investing in precious metals. After selecting Schiff Gold as your precious metals investment partner, the next step is to see Schiff Gold’s offer.

Fortunately, the company accepts various payment options to complete the transaction. You can use bank wire transfer for payments to have your order shipped faster. Alternatively, you can make payments via check after order confirmation.

Crypto Payments Available

Making payments using cryptocurrency is now common in the precious metals industry. If you prefer using crypto to pay for liquid bullion products, look for gold companies such as Schiff Gold that accept the currency.

Crypto Payments

Apart from accepting bank wire transfers, the company allows customers to use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum to purchase precious metals.

Schiff Gold Buyback Program

Whether you bought products from the company or its competitors, Schiff Gold offers to repurchase it. Even when you have a product not shown on Schiff Gold’s website, you can talk to a precious metal specialist through the website’s chat feature.

How to Sell Gold or Silver Coins to Schiff Gold

If you want to exit the market, you can sell your precious metals to Schiff Gold as part of its buyback program. Here are the steps to follow:

Step One: Contact Schiff Gold

The first step to selling your precious metals to Schiff Gold is to contact the company through chat, email, or phone. You’ll talk to any of the company’s precious metals specialists, who will walk you through the instructions and process.

Step Two: Ship/Drop Off

You can ship or drop off your metals to Schiff Gold in person. Ensure to ship your precious metals through an insured carrier. If you choose to drop it off, you can do so at any of the company’s locations in the US or across the world, including:

    • Singapore

    • Zurich

    • Toronto

    • Las Vegas

    • New York

You must schedule your drop-off in advance since not all locations accept all products.

Step Three: Receive Your Payment

When Peter Schiff’s company receives your precious metals, your check will be sent after authenticating the metals.

How Does Schiff’s Vault Service Work?

The company partners with the finest storage services in the world to ensure the safety of customers’ investments. You can keep gold, platinum, silver, or palladium in the company’s highly secure and segregated storage.

These vaults have double insurance and are managed by reputable companies. Full-time guards are available to protect the vaults 24/7.

Here are the features of the vault service:

100% Allocated and Segregated

The company physically keeps customers’ precious metals at the storage location in a vault of their choice. One customer’s account is segregated from that of others. Your bullion and coins are physically present in the vault in your name. You have exclusive control and a certificate.

Regular Audits

All deposits in the vaults have double insurance according to company standards. The depository offers insurance to customers’ precious metals, and the Transcontinental Depository Services offers a second level of insurance.

Insurance offers protection against theft, damage, physical loss, and other liabilities. Third parties regularly audit the company’s recommended vaults, and you receive quarterly reports about your metals.

Easy Access to Your Metals

Schiff Gold makes access to your metals in its vaults easy. You can take physical possession of your investment wherever you feel like as long as you schedule the pick-up in advance. The company also allows delivery to an address of your choice or another vault if you pay shipping charges.

Buying and Selling Metals is Easy

The company allows buying and selling of metals at the depositories. You can purchase to add to your investment or sell to other investors. A simple phone call or email is enough to price-lock your metals for sale in the depository.  Fortunately, this isn’t one of those gold IRA scam companies!

Buying and Selling Metals

Peter Schiff and his team can arrange to transfer metals from your account into another at the facility. This saves time and money since it eliminates the need to first your home before it goes to another depository.

Why Should I Trust Peter Schiff Over Other Companies?

With more than a decade of experience, Peter Schiff works with a highly trained and experienced team, including two executive directors, to help you make sound decisions. Peter Schiff’s reputation in the industry also makes him the best choice to avoid wasting your hard-earned savings.

What are the Most Common Complaints About Schiff Gold?

Despite being in the market for many years, it’s rare to come across a Schiff Gold review online. There are only a handful of consumer testimonials on the company’s website, but there’s no Schiff Gold review on Better Business Bureau.

Does the Company Accept Credit Cards?

While making this Schiff Gold review, we discovered that the company doesn’t accept credit cards. This means that the company doesn’t allow online purchases. The 3% surcharge on credit cards would eat up the company’s profits. Customers are encouraged to use bank wire transfer to pay for precious metals prices.

What is the Recommended Ratio of Gold to Silver According to Peter Schiff?

Peter advises investors to hold about 2/3 of precious metals in their investment portfolio as gold and 1/3 of silver. Gold offers a stable foundation to your investment for its resilience backed by silver’s upside potential.

How Long Will My Shipment Take to Arrive?

The company ships in and outside the US. Processing orders take from one to two days. Shipping takes from two to four days. According to our Schiff Gold review, most payments by wire transfer are usually faster than those paid using checks.

If you are looking for a reliable investment partner, Schiff Gold is a great option.