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Noble Gold Reviews

Are you looking for an alternative way to invest your money? Have you considered investing in precious metals? If so, Noble Gold might be the perfect option for you. In this Noble Gold review, we’ll look at the company and its services, so you can decide whether it is suitable for you.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if Noble Gold made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

What Is Noble Gold?

Noble Gold Review

Noble Gold, established in 2016 by CEO Charles Thorngren and President Collin Plume, is a supplier of precious metals IRAs as well as the purchase of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

It works with Equity Trust, a well-known IRA custodian. Because it cooperates with International Depository Services, your gold gets stored in a secure facility in Texas or Delaware. 

Additionally, Noble Gold offers a range of educational resources to its customers. Also, you may contact its customer service staff, who will answer your questions and walk you through the process.

What Is a Noble Gold IRA?

With the help of the Noble Gold IRA, you can diversify your assets and protect your pension with a gold or other precious metals IRA.

Noble Gold Investments already has a superb reputation for client satisfaction and excellent customer service; but what does Noble Gold offer? They provide simple enrollment procedures and clear directions to share its extensive knowledge. The following are among the most compelling reasons to use this company for your precious metals investing needs:

  • Over 25 years of investing experience.

  • There is a free precious metals investment tool accessible.

  • Excellent price for precious metal coins and bars.

  • The supply of precious metals is rapid.

  • Work at a tempo that seems comfortable to you.

  • The IRA transfer process takes roughly 48 hours.

  • It takes only 24 hours to open an account with it.

  • There are no fees for the first year, so you can start saving.

  • The simple setup takes a few minutes.

  • The cost-free phone number to call them on.

  • An online IRA application is available.

  • Professional Noble Gold Representative that puts its customers first and is accessible.

When ready, fill out a short online form to establish your Noble Gold account. Noble Gold Investments will then contact you to confirm the information you supplied. Within 24 hours, it will begin establishing your individual retirement account (IRA) account with a partnered custodian.

Furthermore, the company’s Noble Gold Fortress Program seems to be the step in establishing IRS-approved precious metal storage. Following that, you will get your self-directed gold IRA account number, and you can decide which coins and bars you wish to purchase for your IRA. You may choose the site of your bank or let them decide.

Noble Gold Services

When investing with Noble Gold, there are three options. You can buy precious metals completely or open a Noble Gold or Silver IRA.

1. Gold IRA

The gold IRA with Noble Gold Investments is an excellent option for diversifying their retirement portfolio and hedging against inflation. If interested, you can open a gold IRA with as little as $5,000. Your account will be set up and managed by the company, which will assist you at every step.

Moreover, if you choose to invest in gold, you can rest assured that it will remain in your possession until you decide to sell it. 

2. Silver IRA

Silver has long been a good investment due to its many industrial uses. Many investors include gold and silver in their portfolios since their values vary with the economy.

A silver IRA from Noble Gold is an excellent option for those who want to diversify their retirement portfolio and hedge against inflation.

If you choose to invest in silver, you will receive a silver certificate, a promise to deliver silver bullion later. Additionally, you will not have the silver at any time.

3. Royal Survival Pack

The Royal Survival Pack protects against economic uncertainties in the short and long-term. Moreover, the pack includes eight types of gold and silver coins and a certificate of authenticity.

The Noble Gold Royal Survivor Packs are an excellent choice for first-time precious metals buyers who might not know where to begin.

4. Bullion Precious Metals

Precious metals are a smart way to invest money in economic uncertainty. If you plan on storing precious metals in your home, you must be aware of the threats. The risk of fire and theft is always present, so you will want to store metals in a safe, off-premises location.

Noble Gold offers a selection of high-quality bullion bars, including gold bars, silver bars, and platinum bars. You can either store precious metals at Noble’s secure vault or choose to deliver them to you.

5. Rare Coins and Collectibles

Rare coins and collectibles make a lot of sense if you want to diversify your investment portfolio. They provide a good ROI and have relatively low volatility. Additionally, Noble Gold offers numerous rare coins and collectibles from leading dealers.

If you decide to invest in rare coins and collectibles, choose an item that will increase in value over time. There are many forgeries available, so be careful!

6. Buyback Program

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to investing in precious metals, you can choose the “Buyback” option when purchasing your metals.

This low-risk investment allows you to take possession of the product anytime. It’s a great option if you are just getting started and aren’t sure which metals to choose. 

You can resell your metals to Noble Gold Investments anytime, and it will purchase them from you at the current market price.

This possibility is a great way to get started in the precious metals market and learn more about the different types of gold and silver IRAs available.

What Precious Metals Can You Buy with Noble Gold?

Noble Gold Investments provides the most desired precious metals in four categories: silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.

Let’s look closely at each of them.

Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle Coins

  • American Gold Eagle Coins

  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

  • Perth Mint 1 oz Golden Bar

  • Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars

  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

  • American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins

  • 100 GM Pamp Suisse Gold Bar

  • Four Piece Proof Set Gold American Eagle

  • I Kilo Gold Bar

Silver Coins

Silver Coin

  • American Silver Eagle Coins 1 oz 

  • America the Beautiful Silver Coins 5 oz 

  • Australian 1 KG Silver Coin

  • Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin 1 oz 

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 1 oz 

  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin 1 oz 

  • Highland Mint Silver Bar 5 oz 

  • Highland 1 oz Mint Silver Round  

  • Pre-1921 Morgan AU

  • Morgan 1921 AU Silver Dollar 

  • Rand Refinery Silver Bar 1 oz 

  • Republican 10 oz Metals Silver Bar 

  • American Silver Eagle Proof Coin 1 oz 

  • Republic Metals 100 oz Silver Bar 

  • Junk Silver Coins

Platinum Coins

  • American Platinum Eagle Coins

  • Baird and Co Platinum Bars

  • Canadian 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf

Rare Coins

  • 1854 Kellogg $20 Coin

  • Four Piece Indian Set St Gauden from 1909, 1927, 1928, and 1932

  • Morgan Silver Dollars from 1879 & 1881

Noble Gold’s broad selection of bars, coins, and bullion may amaze precious metal collectors.

Why Should You Choose a Precious Metals IRA?

If you’re reading this review, you probably believe in the value of precious metals. However, in case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a little explanation.

Stock market volatility and inflation are two of the most serious risks to your retirement. Investing in precious metals is among the most effective strategies to protect against these hazards. Why? Because they have a history of moving the opposite way from the stock market. That’s correct. Precious metals prices tend to climb with the stock market’s decline.

Although the economy is improving, silver, gold, and other precious metals can help stabilize investments and safeguard your retirement. Before 2020, the worst stock market catastrophe we’d ever seen occurred in 2008. In more recent times, the COVID-19 outbreak sent markets down as a result of economic uncertainty.

A precious metals IRA protects your money against inflation and volatility in stock markets by providing an extra layer of security. Gold IRAs mainly is a tax-efficient strategy to ensure your future. There is no capital gains tax on selling precious metals held within an individual retirement account. That’s correct! Additionally, you may save even more money in your wallet due to the tax advantages of holding precious metals in your savings account.

You are in great hands knowing we’ve rated Noble Gold investments among the top rated precious metals ira companies many years running.

Who Should Use Noble Gold Investments?

Noble Gold Investments may be an excellent precious metals IRA company if you can relate to any of these claims:

You want to choose a precious metals investment firm that won’t pressure you into buying unnecessary services. Noble Gold does not perform hard sales and takes pride in its honesty and integrity. It will only assist you in opening an account if it is your best option.

Furthermore, you would want to invest in precious metals but don’t have $5,000 or more to do it right now. Most precious metal IRA firms have substantially higher minimum investment requirements. However, with Nobel Gold, you may begin with a minimum of $2,000 if you create a Silver or Gold IRA.

Also, you would like to prepare entirely for the upcoming global emergency by purchasing precious metals. The company provides Royal Survival Packs comprised of the most prevalent and well-known precious metals, ensuring you prepare for whatever the future brings.

Why Is the Noble Gold Company Unique?

Noble Gold

The Noble Gold IRA Business differentiates itself from its rivals owing to various intriguing features. If you’re brand new to gold investing or want to learn more about moving over from a previous IRA, you can download the information from its website.

Additionally, the book demonstrates why precious metal IRAs, including silver or gold, may be the best option for protecting your hard-earned money. You’ll also learn about the rollover process and what to know if you invest with Noble Gold Investments.

Storage and Delivery Options

The company works with three depositories that provide storage that COMEX, LBMA, and ICE accept. Among other places, you can find these facilities in Delaware, Texas, and Canada.

You can purchase only the Noble Express Royal Survival Packs at home. Therefore, you’ll have to use one of the depository locations if you set up a precious metals IRA.

The following are the storage choices:

  • Dallas, Texas

  • New Castle, Delaware

  • Mississauga, Canada

Noble Gold is the only company that offers IRS-approved keeping for precious metals. Additionally, the facilities mentioned above are divided rather than united, which suggests that you recover the exact products you put in your vault as opposed to a replica set of your coins and bars.

Noble Gold Fees

While there are no fees to open a Noble precious metals IRA, there’s a yearly fee of $80 for a gold IRA and an extra $150 if you choose to keep the metals in Delaware or Texas rather than Canada. The annual charge for silver IRAs is $225, while the fee for Texas storage is $250.

Noble Gold Prices

Though Noble Gold carries rare coins, platinum, palladium, gold, and silver, investors won’t be able to see its values online. The Royal Survival Packs, on the other hand, range in price between $10,000 and $500,000.

Is Noble Gold Investments Legit?

Noble Gold Investments is a legal and recognized organization specializing in gold IRA investment in the precious metals market. It has shown to be one of the best firms in its area, with years of expertise and several excellent evaluations. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of educational materials, excellent customer service, Royal Survival Packs, Gold IRAs, and high consumer satisfaction.

How to Get Started

It is straightforward to get started with Noble Gold. The company features an easy-to-use application procedure that requires only about 10 minutes.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Noble Gold website’s main page, click the option at the top, and pick the precious metals IRA you want to open (Gold or Silver IRA).

  2. To sign up, click “Open an Account.”

  3. Enter your personal details, such as your name, phone number, Social Security number, and other information, as directed.

  4. Insert your investment account details, including the custodian of your other precious metals, rollover amount, and account type.

  5. Indicate your beneficiaries, their relationship to you, and the amount of money you want to leave them.

  6. That’s all! After completing this quick registration, a Noble Gold member will contact you to verify your new profile.

Required Information

Here is a complete list of all the information Noble Gold requests during the application process. To avoid scrambling later, ensure this information is ready before you begin.

Personal Information

  • Your name, email address, and phone number

  • Street address

  • Date of birth

  • Marital status

  • Social Security number

Investment Information

  • Current custodian name

  • Current investment account number

  • Current account type

  • Your desired rollover amount

Beneficiary Information

  • Beneficiary’s legal name

  • Social Security number

  • Residential address

  • How much of your account would you like to leave to them?

  • Their relationship with you

  • Whether they are secondary or primary beneficiaries

The Bottom Line

This Noble Gold review covered everything, and many investors think the company is an excellent option for investing in precious metals. It offers various services and a Buyback program, so you can be sure that your investments are safe and secure. Moreover, it has a wide selection of coins and bars to find the perfect option for your needs. 

With their commitment to customer service, you can be sure that you will get the best possible investment price. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy precious metals investment company, Noble Gold is worth considering.

The company is an ideal place to begin investing, whether you’re interested or well-equipped. Numerous precious metal types are available, and their storage areas are cutting-edge and secure.

Anyone considering investing in physical gold can get a free book guide to gold IRAs from Noble Gold Investments, a company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This company is trustworthy, dependable, and honest. It provides investors with the ability to secure their wealth for the future while also maintaining an excellent reputation, along with a plethora of positive web testimonials and reviews from actual clients.

Thus, whether you’re interested in investing in gold, silver, or something else, Noble Gold seems to be an excellent option to explore if you’re looking to do so through an IRA.

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Here are some frequently asked questions that many investors want to know.

Can I Keep My Gold at Home with a Noble Gold IRA?

No, you cannot use this gold and silver IRA to hold gold at home. Your metals are securely stored. On the other hand, you can keep Noble Gold’s Royal Survivor Packs at home. When it comes time to sell the assets, you can have the metals transported to your house or receive money for the cost of the metals.

Are Noble Gold Coins Certified and Graded?

Yes, all Noble Gold coins are graded and certified independently by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

Is a Noble Gold IRA Risky?

Noble Gold Investments, like any other precious metal IRAs, have risks. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the IRA’s precious metals with your financial consultant.

Is There a Minimum Amount Required to Invest in Noble Gold?

Noble Gold doesn’t specify a minimum investment amount for IRAs on its website, although its survival packs start at $10,000.

Do You Get a Free Consultation from Noble Gold?

Like other gold IRA companies, Noble Gold Investments provides new clients with free consultations. You can contact a gold specialist for free or get a complimentary copy of a Noble Gold Investments gold guidebook.