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Goldworth Financial Review [Updated 2023]

Goldworth Financial (aka Goldworth Financial Inc.) was a familiar name for investors in the United States. Founded more than 20 years ago and located in West Hills, California, this precious metals dealer was known for its wide range of products and services.

From certified coin exchange services to selling high-quality physical gold and silver bullion coins, the company was a full-service precious metals firm.

However, Goldworth Financial no longer exists. The website is down, and the business domain is not active. What happened to this once-prominent player in the precious metals industry?

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History and Features of Goldworth Financial

Goldworth Financial

Once certified and accredited by the Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau, Goldworth Financial first opened its doors to the public in 1999. The company’s main office was in West Hills, California – a few minutes away from Woodland Hills.

  • International Connections

This precious metals dealer had its reach in foreign markets, meaning it could buy high-quality metals and rare coins for low wholesale prices.

As a result, Goldworth Financial also sold physical metals and foreign coins at a remarkably inexpensive rate in the US.

  • Competitive Pricing

We are not sure why Goldworth Financial closed in the first place. Many industry insiders speculate that the low pricing was the reason for its downfall. Goldworth Financial eventually sold all of its products and services at a loss.

However, the company was one of the best precious metals dealers in the industry for as long as it did exist. The competitive prices and unparalleled quality precious metals gave it an edge in the market – and customers weren’t complaining about the cheap costs.

  • Independent Vaults

Goldworth Financial also connected clients who purchased gold and other precious metals to certified and authorized depositories. The storage facilities provided by this precious metals dealer were insured by the company too.

On top of that, Goldworth Financial also offered free shipping services for all orders that met a certain threshold. Also, shipment inside the US included a flat fee, regardless of the quantity the client ordered.

One of the reasons why we can’t call Goldworth Financial a scam is because the business didn’t really steal anyone’s money and precious metals. In fact, the independent depositories it used to partner with back in the day still exist today.

In short, clients who invested in precious metals and other tangible assets from Goldworth Financial still have all of their purchases safe and secure in their designated IRS-approved vaults.

The only difference is that investors have to look for another precious metals dealer for their future purchases.

Goldworth Financial Pros

  • The company set impressively low prices for high-quality precious metals.

  • It had direct connections with the international trade markets.

  • The Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance verified Goldworth Financial Inc.

  • It offered insured storage facilities and shipping services all over the country.

Goldworth Financial Cons

  • This full-service precious metals firm suddenly disappeared without a trace.

  • Goldworth Financial didn’t inform any of its clients about the closure.

Why Did This International Precious Metals Institute Disappear?

The way Goldworth Financial suddenly closed has understandably left many investors wondering what happened and whether it was a legitimate business or a scam.

Also, why didn’t this full-service precious metals firm sell the company, and why didn’t it inform its clients about its plans?

Unfortunately, due to the minimal information relating to Goldworth Financial Inc. on the internet, we can’t exactly pinpoint the driving force behind the untimely closure.

To be clear, there’s no evidence that Goldworth Financial was a scam. The company was a certified coin exchange platform and a member of various industry organizations, such as:

  • Business Consumer Alliance

  • North American Collectibles Association

  • Industry Council for Tangible Assets

Furthermore, it had positive reviews from customers and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

  • Financial Mismanagement

What caused the sudden disappearance of Goldworth Financial? Was it facing a loss selling international precious metals at cheap rates? The most likely explanation is financial mismanagement.

While there’s no concrete evidence to support this theory, many investors have speculated that the company may have struggled to stay afloat in a market where other precious metals dealers were more successful.

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Goldworth Financial was widely renowned for its incredibly low prices, giving it an impressive competitive edge in the market. However, our best guess is that the pricing system led it to failure.

Also, a lot of theories suggest that the company didn’t introduce a variety of precious metals. Gold and silver bullion coins were the main focus of Goldworth Financial, and it didn’t sell other precious metals like palladium and platinum products. As a result, the company ignored a large market it could’ve tapped into.

  • Heavily Reliant on Foreign Markets

Many industry insiders have also suggested that this international precious metals dealer may have experienced financial difficulties due to its heavy reliance on foreign markets.

Trading precious metals can be volatile, and fluctuations in exchange rates can significantly impact the value of investments. If Goldworth Financial Inc. was overly reliant on international industries, it’s possible that it simply couldn’t keep up with the competition locally.

  • Numerous Complaints

Online reviews of Goldworth Financial were mixed, with some investors reporting great experiences and others feeling that they were not given enough information or support.

Despite these concerns, it’s important to note that there is no evidence at this time that Goldworth Financial engaged in any illegal or fraudulent activities.

The Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau, two organizations that track and verify the legitimacy of precious metals dealers, both had positive ratings for this full-service precious metals firm.

Will This Precious Metals Dealer Reopen?

Goldworth Financial logo

You probably searched for Goldworth Financial online only to find nothing about the company on the web. We don’t blame you – it really doesn’t exist anymore, and no one knows if it’ll ever reopen.

Despite claims of financial mismanagement and no evidence of wrongdoing, Goldworth Financial shut down operations without any warning, leaving customers worried and uncertain.

Some investors have even gone so far as to speculate that it was a scam all along. However, the truth remains unknown.

The lack of transparency and clarity surrounding the circumstances of the company’s closure has left many investors unsure if they can trust other precious metals dealers.

However, it is important to remember that not all full-service precious metals firms operate in the same way. It is crucial to do your due diligence and research any company you are considering, regardless of its reputation or longevity.

While the case of Goldworth Financial is unfortunate and cautionary, many reputable and accredited precious metals dealers can offer you safe and profitable ways to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

Equity Institutional (affiliated with Equity Trust Company), for instance, is a renowned custodian for precious metals IRAs. Other reliable companies include:

  • APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) 

  • JM Bullion 

  • Provident Metals 

  • Goldco

What we know for now is that Goldworth Financial was already facing mismanagement and trust issues, and its sudden closure only added fuel to the fire.

It’s unclear what happened to the company’s domain and why it no longer exists, but what is clear is that there is no indication that Goldworth Financial will return to the precious metals industry.

Was It Possible to Buy Bulky Precious Metals from Goldworth Financial?

Investors always seek tangible assets with a high potential for appreciation and diversification in their portfolios.

Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have been historically proven as safe-haven investments during market turbulence and inflationary periods. However, buying precious metals involves weighing the benefits and evaluating the options of where to purchase them.

Goldworth Financial was a reliable and certified precious metals dealer that offered high-quality precious metals, such as gold and silver, at a low cost. Clients could buy products in bulk and have Goldworth Financial ship the purchases to insured storage facilities. However, it doesn’t exist anymore.

As a result, customers looking for a full-service precious metals firm may want to find alternatives with reputable profiles and customer feedback. It is important to verify a precious metals dealer’s credentials and track record before entrusting it with your funds and assets.

Some factors to consider are whether the company is certified, licensed, or affiliated with industry associations or regulatory bodies.

Investors should also check how transparent it is about pricing, storage, and delivery methods, and whether it has positive reviews and testimonials from other customers.

Did Goldworth Financial Partner with Foreign Bank Accounts?

Foreign Bank Accounts

As investors, one of the most crucial factors we consider before investing our hard-earned money is the credibility and reliability of the company we are putting our trust in.

However, in some cases, uncertainty looms around a service provider’s integrity, leaving us unsure and with more questions than answers. Goldworth Financial was one such company.

There’s no concrete evidence that suggests that Goldworth Financial partnered with foreign banks. However, there has been speculation about the company’s dealings with foreign markets, primarily in precious metals like gold and silver.

Customers wanting to open precious metals IRAs should look for other companies to partner with since it’s not certain Goldworth Financial will reopen anytime soon.

At present, Goldworth Financial Inc. no longer exists, and its domain is inactive. We encourage you to exercise caution when considering investing with any precious metals company.

You should also seek out reliable information from sources like the Business Consumer Alliance or the Better Business Bureau before making any decisions.

Final Words

Goldworth Financial was an international precious metals firm that dealt mainly with gold and silver bullion coins.

The company was known for offering investors low-cost, high-quality precious metals and rare coins. However, it’s uncertain what happened to the firm, and we don’t know why it disappeared.

Founded 20 years ago and located in West Hills, California, Goldworth Financial boasted a certification from the Business Consumer Alliance and A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Despite being experts in the physical metals industry, it’s unclear what led to the closure of Goldworth Financial. There’s speculation that the firm suffered significant losses in foreign markets or may have had difficulties with foreign bank accounts.

However, it remains a mystery as to why Goldworth Financial disappeared altogether. While the company website is no longer accessible, the firm may have been a victim of mismanagement, economic factors, fraud, or other mishaps.

Rumors suggest that the company may have made some bad investments that eventually led to its downfall.

As an investor, keeping tangible assets like precious metals as part of your portfolio is crucial. Still, it’s essential to thoroughly research the company you’re interested in before investing. Also, look out for any red flags, such as a firm promising too-good-to-be-true prices on precious metals.

It’s understandable why investors would be disappointed by the sudden disappearance of Goldworth Financial Inc. The rise and fall of a once-prominent precious metals dealer highlight the importance of thoroughly researching any investment opportunity.

We hope our Goldworth Financial review was eye-opening for you, helping you learn more about this international precious metals company and the possible reasons behind its untimely disappearance.