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McIntosh Coins Review – Is It Worth It?

Finding a decent gold dealer online is not as difficult as many people think since you have different options available out there. Regardless of that, things change when you look for a business that offers a more specific type of coin.

It’s not uncommon for gold dealers to have a section that focuses on rare coins, though they are one of the more demanded products in the precious metals industry.

McIntosh Coins is not only an excellent rare coins dealer but also makes your whole experience with rare coins different. People looking for a website or guide with innovative offers or deals to buy often end up landing on the McIntosh Coins website.

Do you wonder if you should trust McIntosh Coins or if it’s worth it? Dive into this page to learn if this business is what it claims to be and if it’s worth the try! This page has all the information people need about what this business offers and what they can buy from it.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if McIntosh Coins made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

What Is McIntosh Coins?

McIntosh Coins

McIntosh Coins is a rare coin dealer that works as an online marketplace for these products. As its name suggests, this website focuses on coins like not many companies out there do, and that gives it an advantage if you are looking for coins instead of other forms of gold or silver.

If you read a guide on how rare coins work, you may know how many of them you can find online. Nonetheless, some of them are too expensive or too rare to find. Since McIntosh Coins is a business that focuses on coins, it has a wide range of them available for anyone to buy whenever they feel like it.

Regardless of that, this business tries to do things differently from others by adding two tokens you can use for staking on the platform when you sign up with your email.

What Is COIN?

COIN works as a utility token, and you can use it to buy things and access many other services this platform offers. Since McIntosh Coins works as a marketplace, you can also sell coins there, so having a token you can use to make transactions through this business simpler is not a bad thing.

This token falls under the ERC-20 token category, and it’s based on Ethereum technology. COIN holders get a stake in the company, so investing in this business also gives you access to a new stream of passive income.

What Is COIN2?

Most people starting to use McIntosh Coins end up reading a guide to understand how its tokens work, but they are not that difficult to understand once you know the basics of it. Clients signing up for this business have various rights, and one of them is claiming profits from the McIntosh collectibles they invest in.

COIN2 is the token that allows you to invest in McIntosh and then claim the profits you make out of the business. McIntosh works with an algorithm that tries to make the COIN2-getting process the fairest it can be.

What Can I Find Along McIntosh Collectibles?

One of the best things about McIntosh Coins is that it works as an online marketplace, which highly increases the range of coins you can get from it. The strongest advantage this business has over its competitors is the variety of rare coins it offers since it’s difficult to not find what you are looking for when getting to this website.

Gold coins are not the only thing you will find here, though. Clients can also buy rare silver and bronze coins from this business, so it’s also an excellent option for people looking forward to diversifying their portfolio or creating a safety net against inflation when they retire.

McIntosh Collectibles

Pros and Cons of Trying McIntosh Coins

If you wonder if you should choose this business as your rare coins gold dealer, you need to know the pros and cons of what it does. We are here to help you with that! These are the main benefits and drawbacks of using McIntosh Coins:


  • It offers over 400,000 different rare coins, which makes it ideal for collectors.
  • Its prices are reasonable and competitive, so you don’t have to spend all your budget on the coins.
  • Customer service is fast and approachable.
  • You can trust this business to store these coins in a safe place.
  • It’s an insured business.
  • It allows you to buy and sell coins.


  • You have to adapt to how its tokens work.
  • It’s not as transparent as other businesses.
  • Buying things from other customers is not as safe as buying them from the business itself.
  • It has volatile prices.

Is McIntosh Coins Worth It? – What Reviews Have to Say

Getting to the main part of this article, it’s time to know if it’s worth it to buy rare coins from this McIntosh Coins. Although it’s not that easy to find reviews talking about this company, the ones you can find speak wonders of it.

Reviews say the company’s customer service is excellent and fast, which is excellent since it allows you to address any concerns you have about how the token system works. People reviewing McIntosh Coins also speak highly of the many different coins it has available for its customers.

Answering the questions ourselves, we agree that buying rare coins from McIntosh coins is an overall safe decision for collectors and people looking for a specific coin they can’t find in other companies. However, we only recommend you get this product from the company and not other individuals selling it through the McIntosh platform.

Final Thoughts

McIntosh Coins has many things to offer, and it’s excellent to see companies that try different things from the ones that have been in the market for years. Adapting to the user experience this company offers may be a nuisance for some users, but it’s truly fresh air for people who want benefits and features they don’t see in mainstream gold dealers.

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