Advantage Gold Review 2022: Is This Company Legit?

James McCollum
Advantage Gold Review

Advantage Gold is probably on your shortlist of organizations to consider if you are looking for firms for your precious metals IRA.

In this Advantage Gold review, we’ve analyzed the company’s background, the founders of the business, price, gold IRA costs, and everything else you’ll require to make a wise choice.

To help you decide whether to engage with Advantage Gold for a precious metal investment, we’ve done all the research you require about the business in this evaluation.

The gold IRA firm has a substantial web presence. Major news and financial media sites have highlighted the co-founders, Ziril Kagalsky and Adam Baratta. According to USA Today, Baratta’s the best-selling writer of two economic books for precious metals.

However, is Advantage Gold the best option among a crowded market of gold IRA suppliers?

Who Is Advantage Gold?

Advantage Gold claims to be the market leader in rollovers of precious metals IRAs, and there are several reasons for this claim. The company keeps an entirely staffed IRA department specializing in turning existing IRAs into profiles for precious metals.

While being a giant in the training industry, it considers an educated individual its most important client. The core of their investing and the method they do their business could be educating their customers on the numerous kinds of coins and all elements of Gold IRAs.

This business provides fast service, upfront pricing, and skilled account executives. They offer beginners assistance using precious and orange metals with their first Gold Investor Program.

You are guided through the whole process of obtaining precious physical metals by experienced account representatives.

As a part of their system, they describe the advantages of purchasing gold and other precious metals, inform you of your options, and walk you through the process of opening an IRA account or having an existing IRA transferred over step by step.

In a rollover deal, they will remove the first year’s fees as a welcome bonus if you contribute more than $50,000. Additionally, Advantage Gold provides a special deal known as the First-time Delivery Discount. You can participate if you fill your new profile with at least $25,000.

The bonus is intended for customers who are buying precious metals and intend to take delivery of them. It will also ship them free of charge along with the system and deliver them fully insured.

They also make sure that the delivery times are quick. Their products often arrive in two or three business days, and these are some of the quickest deliveries promised and available in the market.

Advantage Gold Pros and Cons

Protect Your Retirement


  • Many IRA-eligible available coins
  • Excellent scores from 1,500 verified reviews on TrustLink and TrustPilot, as well as AAA and A+ ratings from the Business Consumer Alliance and the BBB
  • They have a robust buy-back program and reduced storage and custody fees
  • The company has the right to repurchase your metals at the spot price
  • Fantastic educational resources
  • There are no online reviews or concerns
  • Best for first-timers because of its low account number
  • A United States Mint authorized dealer
  • Quick shipment
  • Royal Canadian Mint coins production


  • Advantage Gold’s website does not contain pricing data for the offered coins
  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000

Advantage’s Gold entire process is streamlined and straightforward. Your new gold IRA profile will be opened and funded step-by-step by their team, who will also ensure that everything is done in compliance with IRS regulations.

Most gold IRA firms are identical because metals’ current market prices vary and are not publicly available online.

Advantage Gold Partners hasn’t been around as long as some of its rivals. Although the co-founders have long careers in the field, Advantage Gold was only introduced in 2014.

Advantage Gold Services and Products

To help consumers make well-informed decisions about their retirement options, Advantage Gold offers comprehensive data and clear price rates on all coins and treasured metals IRA accounts.

The instructional resources provided by Advantage Gold for investors include free videos, webinars, workshops, resources for retirement security, and continuously updated market charts.

Advantage Gold offers a repurchase program for people who want to sell their metals and exchange well-known platinum, silver, palladium, and gold coins. The business pays a fair market value on returns and has a reasonable refund policy.

Furthermore, the firm also provides self-directed IRA accounts authorized for gold and silver bars, bullion, and coins, which the IRS backs.

In Advantage Gold’s opinion, precious metals are a sensible diversification strategy for most retirement accounts. Customers can roll over their IRA accounts and 401(k) to contain precious physical metals with the assistance of a committed staff member.

According to Advantage Gold, precious metals IRA accounts lower general portfolio volatility and provide a buffer against a downturn in the economy.

Advantage Gold Products

Advantage Gold Team

Kirill Zagalsky

Kirill Zagalsky co-founded Advantage Gold. First, he started working for a United States Mint-listed and was a nationally renowned dealer focused on Precious Metals IRAs.

Then, for many years, Kirill worked as a futures market broker and vice president for a reputable commodity brokerage firm. Following that, Kirill assisted hundreds of clients in switching from conventional IRAs to precious metals.

He made countless consumer orders of precious metals available for shipment.

While working there, he oversaw the senior brokers and served as the company’s highest producer, where he even trained the company’s brokers. On NBC and other well-known national media outlets, Kirill was featured discussing IRAs and other precious metals.

Adam Baratta

One more of Advantage Gold’s co-founders is Adam Baratta. Before co-founding the firm, Baratta was a Senior Account Executive at a nationwide United States Mint-listed vendor where he worked in Gold IRA rollovers.

He enjoys working near each client to meet their long-term precious metal investments. He has assisted many high-net-worth investors in protecting and preserving their wealth by purchasing precious metals.

In addition, Baratta has been an excellent entrepreneur focusing on creating, funding, and managing numerous businesses, primarily in the amusement sector.

He has won accolades as a producer, director, and writer. Baratta is a founding member of a board of directors for a motion production firm linked with NBC and NHL Universal.

Advantage Gold Fees

Customers of Advantage Gold have a choice between Equity Trust and STRATA Trust Firm for the custodial solutions of their retirement accounts. Thus, for their specific custodial services, both businesses charge different fees.

STRATA Trust Firm

  • $50 account opening cost
  • Annual account maintenance charge of $95
  • Storage costs for precious metals are $150 for segregated storage and $100 for non-segregated storage.

Equity Trust Firm

  • $50 account opening cost
  • The variable annual maintenance charge is $225 minimum, depending on the account’s balance
  • Storage costs for precious metals are $150 for segregated storage and $100 for non-segregated storage

Custodian for Advantage Gold IRA Account

Gold IRA Account

The firm is willing to cooperate with your preferred self-directed gold IRA custodian. Advantage Gold believes that it has done its homework and can make a custodian recommendation if you still need to research precious metals IRA custodians.

Advantage Gold advises its clients to use either Equity Trust or Strata Trust Firm as gold IRA custodians. Both self-managed IRA custodians are trustworthy enterprises with a long history of operation. They collaborate closely with other American precious metals IRA providers.

If you establish an IRA through Advantage Gold, it’s best to use Equity Trust. They charge less in annual fees than Strata Trust. Creating a new account is simple regardless of your pick, and both businesses can satisfactorily handle your custodial requirements.

A $50 profile setup and an $80 annual maintenance fee are what you can anticipate from Equity Trust, which doesn’t get lower than this. Additionally, inquire about any present specials with your account manager.

In some cases, Advantage Gold may yield all account setup costs and annual fees for your initial year of the new IRA account!

Storage Options for Advantage Gold Precious Metals IRA

Unsurprisingly, you are not permitted to keep a gold IRA in your house (despite what some less reputable gold vendors have sworn in the past). The ICTA published a white paper in 2018 warning people about the appeal of a gold IRA for home storage.

In other words, you can’t access your retirement assets directly because of the IRS. It would be best if you worked with a vault storage establishment to establish a precious metals IRA.

To cooperate with your selected IRS-approved storage depository, Advantage Gold examined all leading gold IRA repositories in the United States. If you haven’t selected a repository, the company will advise you to keep your assets with Brinks Global or Delaware Depository.

Excellent companies such as Brinks and Delaware Depository enable you to safely store your physical precious metals following the IRS taxation regulations for precious metal IRAs. They are independent vault repository facilities.

Either way, you can save your precious metals while having all the tax advantages of an IRA and also keeping them away from the Wall Street casino and banking system.

You have access to vault storage alternatives across the United States thanks to Brinks and Delaware Depository, so it’s simple to choose a facility close to your home.

With either firm, annual storage fees can be as little as $100. This is only for a mixed depository, which is acceptable to most investors. This fee will increase by $50 if you’re looking for separate vault storage, bringing the total cost per year to $150.

The Advantage Gold profile representative may go over your storage choices with you and guide you toward the one that best suits your needs. Storage and custodial costs at Advantage Gold are pretty comparable to those at other leading physical precious metals IRA providers.

In this Advantage Gold Review, we want to remind you to ask about any corporate promotions with the Advantage Gold account representative. It’s customary for gold IRA companies to pay your storage and custodial costs for the first year.

The 3 Ways to Fund a Gold IRA Account


Most taxpayers are permitted to contribute a maximum of $5,500–$6,500 annually to their IRA (you must be above 50 and a half years old to pay more than $5,500). This only applies to Traditional and Roth accounts. Owners of SEP IRAs may contribute up to $55,000 annually, or 25% of earned income. Exceptions also apply.


Direct money transfers through the old retirement savings plan to the personal account holder must be made within 60 days after receipt to avoid incurring taxes. Within 60 days following the original withdrawal, funds can be taken out of the retirement plan and deposited into an IRA.

These precious metals IRA rollovers are entirely free of taxes and penalties. Typically, this is only permitted once a year for a single account, and for those with employer-sponsored retirement plans, this is the most frequently adopted approach (401k, 403b, 457b).

Direct Transfer (Trustee to Trustee)

The account holder is not required to receive any money at any moment while it transfers from one Trustee to another. Each account owner requests that funds be transferred straight into a new IRA account from their present IRA trustee. There are no transfer limitations with this transfer form, and it is entirely free of IRS penalties.

Advantage Gold FAQs

Is Advantage Gold Legit?

Advantage Gold has been working in the precious metals asset industry since 2014. Although the business is under ten years old, it has won the Best of TrustLink title for the best firm in the precious metal sector three years in a row. This proves that Advantage Gold is indeed a trustworthy company.

Who Needs to Use Advantage Gold?

Advantage Gold is ideal for novice investors. It includes a thorough training course devoted to enlightening novice investors about the advantages of precious metals investing. This business also caters to long-term investors. It suggests that investors keep precious metals for five years for the most excellent chance of profit.

Is It Smart to Invest Through Advantage Gold?

Advantage Gold’s top priority is the customer. Before offering any advice, the organization carefully considers the client’s needs. The client makes the final decision, which means you are in control and well aware of what you are getting into when you engage through Advantage Gold.

What Is the Lowest Amount Needed to Set up an IRA Account?

Although Advantage Gold does not have a minimum investment requirement to start an IRA account, it is recommended that you deposit at least $5,000 due to the annual IRA custodian expenses.

How Do I Fund My Gold IRA Account?

Your Advantage Gold IRA account can be funded by a rollover, a straightforward bank wire transfer for Direct Delivery, or an IRA contribution.

Is Gold a Liquid Asset?

Gold is probably the most liquid asset in the world. Among the few investments, you may take any place in the world and liquidate the precious metal, which has been valuable for over 6000 years.

It has universal acceptance and worth and is accepted across all currency pairs. You do not require the U.S. dollar when you have investment-grade gold since you can sell it anyplace in the world.

Does Advantage Gold Have a Buyback Program?

One of the industry’s most simple buyback policies belongs to Advantage Gold. When buying back precious metals from customers, they frequently provide a better value than their rivals.

Advantage Gold will pay the current market rate for each coin it buys back instead of the spot price. Usually, the market price rate is more expensive than the spot rate. The company feels that its clients should receive the finest value.

Final Thoughts

To finish up with this Advantage Gold review, it is a reliable partner when converting regular IRAs into gold IRAs and investing in precious metals. Advantage Gold offers a comprehensive education for precious metals and is best for first-timers, allowing them to differentiate from competitors.

The firm specializes in IRS-approved precious metals and gold IRAs. Advantage Gold has the best buyback policies and excellent customer support. If this is your first-time gold investor program, we truly recommend Advantage Gold as your best solution.

Out of all Advantage Gold Reviews out there, we’ve put extra effort into helping you make a decision.