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Monarch Precious Metals Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Founded in 2008 and based in Medford, Oregon, Monarch Precious Metals is known for selling patented gold and silver products directly from its refinery.

While the company doesn’t provide precious metals IRA services, it is a somewhat trusted source for gold and silver bullion. However, some investors have raised concerns about the transparency and quality standards of Monarch Precious Metals’ products.

Although Monarch Precious Metals claims to sell high-quality gold and silver bullion, it doesn’t meet industry standards in some cases. Negative reviews have also been reported regarding the products’ quality and price – and we’ll cover everything you need to know today.

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General Information About Monarch Precious Metals

Monarch Precious MetalsMonarch Precious Metals produces a range of gold and silver products, including hand-poured bars that vary in size and weight.

The gold and silver bars feature unique designs and are in high demand among collectors and investors alike. However, the company doesn’t produce IRS-approved gold and silver bullion, as it is only a private refinery.

Monarch Precious Metals uses traditional techniques instead of modern engraving methods to produce 1g gold and silver rounds and bars. The Monarch facility (private refinery) also makes raw gold nuggets, and customers can check them out on the company website.

Although the items produced by Monarch Precious Metals have a unique appeal, the company has many negative reviews and a shady online presence.

Is Monarch Precious Metals a Scam?

Monarch Precious Metals is undoubtedly a legitimate business, given that it has a physical office in the real world. However, there are many red flags you should know about.

Firstly, the company lacks transparency. There are countless negative reviews from customers claiming that the business was not forthcoming about its bars and coins.

This could be a warning sign for investors who are considering investing in Monarch Precious Metals.

Also, there’s no way to know who really leads Monarch Precious Metals since there’s limited information on the internet. You have to do a lot of research if you want to learn more about this private refinery.

On the other hand, online reviews are mostly negative, with past clients stating how Monarch Precious Metals is hard to contact. Apparently, the company doesn’t answer any calls or reply to customer emails while also delaying shipment inside the US.

However, here are a few of the products Monarch Precious Metals sells:

  • Gold and silver bullion

  • Gold and silver bars

  • High-quality gold nuggets

  • Affordable silver rounds

Monarch Precious Metals also lacks a presence on high-authority websites such as Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance. There are tons of positive customer reviews on the refinery website, but we aren’t too sure if they are legit.

What Online Reviews Say About Monarch Precious Metals

Monarch Gold Products

While the BBB does give Monarch Precious Metals somewhat positive reviews, the organization still does not accredit the company.

This lack of accreditation can be a red flag for many investors, as it can indicate inauthenticity and no credibility. On top of that, customer testimonials on other third-party sites rate the company one out of five stars!

Many past clients have also said Monarch Precious Metals is unreliable when it comes to delivering gold and silver bullion. One reviewer on a third-party blog mentioned how the company required credit card information in advance but failed to deliver the products entirely.

Others state that there is no way to get in touch with Monarch Precious Metals for customer support after purchasing products. The response time to customer queries is quite long, making it difficult for clients to get a timely solution to their issues.

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Although the company is obviously less than stellar in performance and reputation, the increasing demand for gold and silver bullion is still a reason why people keep purchasing from it.

However, we want to emphasize the fact that Monarch Precious Metals does not produce IRS-approved products. The hand-poured bars vary in feature and quality and cannot be stored in state depositories.

In short, Monarch Precious Metals is not an authorized seller of physical gold and silver bullion, regardless of the high popularity the company has gained due to its intricate designs.

Monarch Precious Metals Pros

  • The refinery uses a unique hand-poured technique.

  • All of the Monarch Precious Metals products have a rustic appearance.

  • Clients can ask for custom-made bare-bones engravings on world coins.

  • Monarch Precious Metals sells old-fashioned tombstone skulls as silver gifts.

Monarch Precious Metals Cons

  • The company has shady online reviews.

  • Monarch Precious Metals is not accredited by any high-authority organization.

  • The metal content in each product is low and doesn’t qualify for IRS-approved storage.

  • Monarch Precious Metals does not respond to customer queries in time.

As you can see, the pros and cons for Monarch Precious Metals are quite balanced, so it’s hard to tell how reliable or shady the company is.

We can only say that it is not the best place to buy state-approved precious metals. However, feel free to invest in other Monarch bars and custom-made products if you’re okay with the many risks associated with the company. All Monarch bars feature a crown formed in the middle, with the metal content and weight stated on the packaging.

How Monarch Precious Metals Produces Gold and Silver Products

Monarch Silver Products

By now, you probably know that Monarch Precious Metals is a private refinery, not a precious metals dealer.

As such, the business makes and sells high-quality gold and silver bullion, including custom-made coins with simplistic designs. You can personalize your choice of bar produced to have a rustic appearance as well.

There is an increasing demand for gold and silver bullion in the market, which is why many people still purchase products from Monarch Precious Metals.

However, the many negative reviews, low ratings, and lack of accreditation from BBB or BCA suggest that investing with Monarch Precious Metals is not the best option. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to buy precious metals from for your retirement portfolio, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Final Words

Overall, while Monarch Precious Metals has had its share of criticisms, it still stays as a reputable source of gold and silver bullion among collectors. As with any investment, it’s important to do your research and consider all factors before making a purchase.

While the company produces its own gold and silver items, it doesn’t provide much information on its website about who runs the business or how it operates. This lack of transparency could be a cause for concern for some investors.

In addition, there are negative reviews about Monarch Precious Metals. Some customers have reported credit card issues, and others have had trouble getting in touch with the company’s customer service team.

However, it’s not all bad news when it comes to Monarch Precious Metals. The company’s gold and silver bullion and bars are highly sought after by collectors (if not investors), thanks to the personalization options.

The business produces these products in its refinery, meaning investors can be assured of their authenticity. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the potential risks outweigh the benefits, but we don’t exactly recommend partnering with this company for portfolio diversification purposes.

Monarch Precious Metals is not a scam, but it has issues that must be addressed. While its pricing and product qualities are commendable, the customer support and response time need to be improved.