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Goldco Owner – Who Owns Goldco.com?

A lot of potential customers of precious metals IRA companies like to do a deep dive into getting as much information as they possibly can prior to investing. And rightfully so!  We started this website to provide factual information about financial services companies as the world has plenty of scammers.  Today we will introduce you to the Goldco owner, Trevor Gerszt, and share with you why we feel he is the best CEO of any precious metals company in the USA.

Who is Trevor Gerszt?

Goldco owner
Goldco owner Trevor Gerszt

Trevor Gerszt is the Founder and CEO Goldco.com, a leading precious metals company based in Woodland Hills, California.  The company assists in wealth management through asset protection.  Using precious metals and alternative assets, Trevor has over 20 years of experience offering help to anyone looking to protect their wealth, whether the economy is roaring or we are facing tough times.

The Inc. 500 named Goldco the #1 gold IRA provider.  

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Goldco is no stranger to getting recommended in the media, as you may have seen them in:

  • Fox Across America
  • Fortune Magazine
  • The Sean Hannity Show
  • Breitbart Media
  • Red Voice Media

…..and that’s just a few of the 100’s of places you’ll see his company being talked about. You don’t become the #1 gold IRA provider in the USA without getting talked about constantly on any platform that discusses financial topics!

We love the consultative approach Gerszt takes with the media, and you can tell his demeanor rubs off on his company, as they employ educational, non-pushy salespeople who truly explain how precious metals investing can be a part of a diversified portfolio.

In an article posted on Medium, Gerszt was given a hypothetical question about investing:

Asked if someone who has been investing in the S&P every month in $500 increments should be doing something different, his answer was this:

I am not a financial advisor but I have worked with thousands of individuals that want to diversify their portfolios. In this scenario, I would divide that $500 and take 20% of savings and leave it in cash. I would then take 40% and put it in gold and silver. The remaining 40% I would leave in the market. The fundamental idea is that you diversify your money to hedge against any economic factors, global pandemics or market volatility.


That right there shows you the true understanding of financial markets that the Goldco owner has.  We’ve seen companies get very pushy and suggesting they go “all in” on precious metals.  We feel that’s a bit extreme, and you should always have some diversity in your portfolio if you are looking to navigate rocky markets.  Just because one asset class has historically outpaced downturns in the economy does not mean you should be over-invested in that idea.

It’s also refreshing that Goldco fees are in tune with the industry.  Just because they are the best doesn’t mean they charge more than everyone.

Again, we haven’t found a more knowledgable CEO and better example of a leader than Trevor Gerszt.  You can be secure in your investment choice if you choose to work with Goldco.

For more information, visit Goldco online and get a free wealth protection kit.