About Us

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!

We started this website several years ago after our monthly investment club had many members move away.  A few of us investing fanatics decided to start one central location to store all of our views in one place – and more importantly – share our knowledge with the world.

We never aimed to take our passion this far, but in a world that’s become more digital and less physical presence, we felt this was the best way to quickly spread our research reports to our club.

Our various authors bring backgrounds in investing that include precious metals, stocks, commodities, and even retirement investing.

Our mission is to help people navigate the absurd inflation going on in the world as well as help you protect wealth.  While some topics may sound foreign to the novice investor or hobbyist, we’re always happy to go the extra mile for our readers via email.  (Use our contact form at any time – we’re quite friendly!)

Happy Investing!