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Why Gold Will Thrive in 2023 – A Comprehensive Review

When a new year starts, most Americans take some time to reflect on the past year. If you’re doing this, it is the perfect time to analyze your financial situation, especially your investments. This is extremely important as we approach the possibility of a recession.

Gold may be a wise investment for some people this year, and there are several good reasons for this. The following article will explain why you should consider investing in gold and what to keep in mind when doing it.

Gold Prices Throughout 2022

Gold Will Thrive in 2023

2022 wasn’t the worst year for gold; in fact, its price increased a little bit. However, its growth wasn’t nearly as much as investors and experts had hoped, which may make people believe it was a bad year for investing in gold.

On the other hand, predictions for 2023 are more optimistic, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that there will always be the possibility of gold not meeting the expectations set by financial experts.

Some economic factors that hindered gold’s growth in 2022 can affect its growth this year. Some of them are the following:

  • Aggressive interest rate hikes

  • Rising US Treasuries prices

  • The rising inflation of the American Dollar

  • China’s gold market instability

Nevertheless, despite all of this, gold will still have several advantages in 2023. The Federal Reserve is still boosting interest rates, but much slower than before. Moreover, as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s market is gaining back its strength.

Reasons for the Underperformance

The US Dollar inflation peaked in June 2022, but gold prices didn’t increase as much as expected. This is because inflation wasn’t the only aspect that played a role in the performance of gold.

According to the World Gold Council, some things that affected this asset’s performance were that the value of US Treasuries increased due to the high interest rates imposed by the Federal Reserve during the third quarter of the year. Bonds and gold both suffer when the price of US Treasuries increases.

Moreover, this didn’t help the American Dollar either, as we faced a year filled with uncertainty that ultimately made its price fall.

Why Is This Precious Metal an Inflation Hedge?

Fiat currencies will only have the value we as a society assign to them. On the other hand, gold is a real and limited resource. This implies that this yellow metal should keep its value even during a global recession. That’s why many people consider it an inflation hedge. However, we measure gold’s worth according to fiat currencies, so this claim isn’t always true.

Nevertheless, if we look back in time, the last large inflationary phase in American history began in 1973 and lasted an entire decade. During this time, gold performance was excellent and helped thousands of Americans to protect their money.

Gold Reserves VS American Dollars

During the second half of 2022, the gold price started to increase. This occurred at the same time the value of the US dollar began to decline. We expect 2023 to be a great year for gold’s price.

However, commodities are incredibly unpredictable in the near term, and gold prices highly depend on whether the US currency continues to weaken or not, as well as the Central Bank demand for this asset. Nevertheless, we can already see some positive signs in gold price forecasts.

Since the Fed and central banks will keep raising their rates through 2023, the US dollar may keep losing its value. This may cause gold mining stocks to increase their value.

Even if rates don’t decline, gold is expected to have a good year since COVID-19 limitations are finally being put in the past, which would help China regain its authority in the gold market.

Reasons to Invest in Gold in 2023

Diverse Portfolio

According to the chief investment officer of Swiss-Asia Capital, there are many reasons why you should invest in this precious metal, especially when gold prices increase. A gold mining bull market is a perfect time to take advantage of this precious metal.

Get a Diverse Portfolio

Several central banks claim that the stock market is prone to decline when an economy enters a recession, which is likely to happen during 2023.

Gold purchases may help you diversify your portfolio so that this doesn’t affect you as much.

Our best investment advice is to diversify your foreign exchange holdings according to these gold price predictions.

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Safe Haven Asset

Gold and other precious metals are commonly used to protect people from inflation. That’s because, despite changes in the global economy, gold prices consistently maintain its worth over time.

Since we expect high inflation to occur during 2023, now would be an excellent opportunity to invest in gold or gold miners’ shares. You can do this through a gold investment platform or a central bank.

Its Liquidity

Liquidity, or the ability to sell assets for cash, is crucial during a recession. If a downturn in the economy happens, you can sell these assets to cover your expenses and other obligations.

Gold is relatively liquid and can be quickly converted into cash through most central banks, making it a wise investment during economic downturns.

It May Not Be the Best for Everyone

The truth is that not everyone should invest in gold, even if it may be a wise choice for some people who want to benefit from the stability of the gold price. Gold may not be for you if your investment goals include increasing your riches. Generally speaking, gold is viewed as a low-risk, safe-haven investment rather than one that generates significant profits.

How Will Gold Prices Perform in the Long-term?

Just like other commodities, gold is susceptible to sharp price fluctuations over brief periods of time. On the other hand, gold is typically considered a stable investment over the long run.

Even though there have been ups and downs, if we consider the overall inflation, the price of gold hasn’t moved too much throughout time.

Gold Price in 2023 Bottom Line

A balanced portfolio includes assets that are both risky and cautious. Long-term ownership of a safe investment, such as gold, can be the perfect way to balance out risky investments in your portfolio. Both types of investments are equally needed, and now is the perfect time to buy some gold before its price starts rising again this 2023.