Work in social entrepreneurship and impact investing is particularly fulfilling because it attracts people who are driven to lead, to forge ahead and demonstrate the possibilities of innovative approaches, even in the midst of countering “conventional wisdom” or backlash.

Fortunately, this approach is evident in the wake of the current administration’s decision to rescind the U.S. greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments per the Paris Agreement. IC has joined numerous corporations, investors, organizations, and state and local governments that have stepped forward to pledge their commitment to pursuing these reductions in the best interest of society and in the best interest of their business or economy.

I’m proud that IC has been a leader in investing in environmental solutions for the past 25 years. #FundedbyIC companies are commercializing innovative solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating economic opportunity and financial returns. They are tackling high-impact opportunities to reduce emissions identified in Paul Hawken’s Drawdown – for example, Rebound Technologies’ efficient refrigeration technology is addressing the number one carbon reduction opportunity, ConnectDER is enabling rooftop solar, and UltraCell is providing insulation while diverting increasing waste streams.

Not only are opportunities to invest in such solutions available, but they are also more important than ever. I encourage all IC members to check out active deals and continue this can-do, possibilities-oriented leadership. And while we lead the way, it remains important to advocate for effective public policy. IC is a founding member of the American Sustainable Business Council, the leading business advocacy group working to implement public policies that build a sustainable economy. All IC members are welcome to engage – learn more and sign up for news and policy alerts at

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