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SD Bullion Review | A Reliable Way to Purchase Precious Metals Online?

SD Bullion is a reputable online retailer of precious metals that provides international shipping and responsible storage options. It has been in operation since 2012 and offers a number of opportunities for investors. SD Bullion delivers its precious metal products to 28 countries.

Consider investing with this company if you’re looking for a dependable digital-based bullion firm that can provide a direct storage solution. However, this is not the right option if you’re looking for numismatic coins.

Investing in precious metals is a serious endeavor, and working with online bullion dealers can seem intimidating. This is why we have put in the time and effort to draw up this review in the hopes of helping you find a precious metals dealer that best meets your needs. Here is our SD Bullion review.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if SD Bullion made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

A Brief Overview of SD Bullion

SD Bullion Review

Since its establishment in 2012, SD Bullion (which stands for Silver Doctors Bullion) has expanded quickly to rank among the most popular companies for buying gold and silver bullion online.

Despite the limited range of bullion, there are a few gold bars and gold coins available online for relatively affordable prices.

You should be aware that the firm was founded by those responsible for the Silver Doctors network, a website that updates investors on developments in the precious metal industry.

These professionals have extensive expertise working with precious metals, so they are familiar with the market’s changes and fluctuations as well as the items that are most likely to be in demand.

The firm offers investors the opportunity to indulge in online precious metal trading at SDBullion.com. You can expect some of the lowest premiums and a low-cost guarantee n a range of precious metal products.

Leading manufacturers, including Ohio Precious Metals and the Royal Canadian Mint, supply SD Bullion’s assortment of gold bars. It has a smaller inventory of bars than other providers but provides the lowest spot prices for what it does have.

SD Bullion is centered around carrying out business the old-fashioned way. It offers a bullion processing service at a discount, premium goods, and top-notch customer assistance. More than 250,000 happy customers have received their services from the company.

A List of Products from the Royal Canadian Mint and Ohio Precious Metals

Although limited, you can expect a number of precious metal products to invest in. This includes:

  • Silver – bars, bullets, banknotes, and rounds.


  • Gold – bullion bars and an assortment of gold coins, such as Canadian Maples, Mexican Libertads, American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, and European gold.



  • Copper – Peace Dollars, Silver Shields, Lincoln Busts, and Morgan Dollars.


  • Platinum – SD Bullion offers an assortment of platinum coins, such as Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maples, and other international bullion.


  • Palladium – Maples and Eagle coins, as well as a variety of bars.


The company also sells accessories that precious metals investors may find helpful, such as magnifiers, storage boxes, and more.

Purchasing Precious Metals from SD Bullion

Want to know how to buy precious metals from SD Bullion? Follow these steps to buy your bullion with this online dealer: 

  1. Browse the website to find the item you want to buy, specify how much of it you want, then add it to your cart.

  2. Select the delivery option you prefer.

  3. Enter your payment information.

Does the Company Allow Returns?

Returns are possible, although they aren’t always welcomed and aren’t usually guaranteed. You have 72 business hours to use an agent to lodge a return. SD Bullion will be in touch with you if they approve your request.

If your request to return an item has been granted, you will need to send it to SD Bullion in the packaging and condition you received it. This is done at your own cost only. The market loss is also something to keep in mind if there are differences in the market price now compared to when you made your purchase.

Depending on how you made your purchase, SD Bullion will also impose a stocking fee. You would pay five percent of the cost of your order if you used PayPal or a credit card and three percent if you used another method.

How Are Orders Shipped?

The bullion dealer uses UPS, FedEx, and USPS to transport goods to customers in the United States. Domestic orders of $199 or more receive free shipping, while purchases less than this amount are subject to a fixed rate of $7.77.

International shipping costs are calculated during checkout and may include customs and taxes that are due upon delivery.

A delivery signature is required for insured items. If you disregard the signatures, the shipment won’t be covered by insurance. SD Bullion provides a tracking number to help customers track their orders during the shipment process.

What Is the Process for Selling Precious Metals to This Bullion Dealer?

If you are hoping to sell your precious metals, you’ll be happy to know that SD Bullion purchases platinum, palladium, silver, and gold. Follow the steps below to sell your assets to the firm: 

  1. Contact SD Bullion at 800-294-8732 to confirm the buyback price.

  2. As soon as you receive a purchase order, print it out and include it with your shipment.

  3. Ship the package to the supplied address.

  4. Payment for the goods will be made 24 to 72 hours after the receipt of the bullion.

What Are SD Bullion’s Prices?

SD Bullion’s product prices are comparable to the market on average. They are reported in real-time on its website so that investors can view the market price of a particular metal at any time. The company also doesn’t charge any extra service charges or commissions.

Purchase Prices 

As of May 2020, SD Bullion listed the price of a single ounce of uncirculated random American Gold Eagle Coins at $1,908.74. This price was higher than that listed on JM Bullion and Money Metals but more affordable than the price of a Golden Eagle for the same product.

Sale Prices

Since SD Bullion doesn’t post these data on its website, it is challenging to compare its repurchase prices with those of its competitors.

Is It Safe to Use SD Bullion for Your Precious Metals Investments?

This SD Bullion review would not be complete without taking a look at the company’s reputation and the security measures it has put in place to safeguard investors.


A great way to determine whether silver bullion dealers are reputable is to look at BBB, and Financial Bureau records that document customer complaints.

The Better Business Bureau has recognized SD Bullion since its founding in 2012. Moreover, the company has earned an A+ rating from the BBB, and there aren’t any grievances listed in the Financial Bureau’s records, which is supposed to safeguard consumers against unreliable service providers.

It offers trustworthy solutions for precious metal storage as well as buying and selling bullion all over the world.

Is Your Money Safe with SD Bullion?

This company does indeed have a DigiCert license and employs SSL encryption. Its payment gateway, Authorize.Net, is PCI-compliant and is held responsible for managing private payment information.

All outgoing orders include tracking information and are covered by insurance for complete peace of mind.

A Closer Look at SD Bullion Customer Service and Complaints

The next topic in our SD Bullion review is customer ratings and complaints. SD Bullion has maintained a good reputation among customers and earned an A+ rating from the BBB.

Thanks to over 2,100 favorable customer ratings, SD Bullion has a TrustScore of 4.4 stars on the Trustpilot platform.

Customers laud the company’s efficiency, professionalism, and courteous customer service bullion team. The inconsistent shipment delays and purchase cancellation fees are two of the issues made, while a few reviews mention terrible customer service, so the customer support department may need to work on providing consistent service.

The Pros and Cons of Working with SD Bullion Compared to Other Online Bullion Dealers

This SD Bullion review is intended to help you decide whether this is the right bullion team to work with. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of choosing SD Bullion to help you make a decision.


  • International shipping is available from SD Bullion to a number of different countries.

  • SD Bullion imposes no additional commissions or fees for any transactions.

  • The company maintains a positive reputation among its customers on a number of platforms, including Trustpilot and the BBB.


  • Limited customer support is available – investors are limited to normal business hours only.

  • A cancellation fee applies if you do not pay for your order within a designated timeframe.

  • Investors can expect a restocking fee of three or five percent for returns.

What Are the Storage Options?

SD Bullion offers several direct storage options for platinum, gold, and silver. Your order can be delivered to your storage account.

You can set up a repository storage account by contacting the SD Bullion customer support service department during business hours. Storage is free for the first three months for new customers, and after that, it costs $9.99.

The business has insurance that covers all deposits up to the melt value of the precious metals products.

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How to Contact the SD Bullion Customer Service Department

Buying gold and other precious metals online can be a daunting process. This is why it’s important to choose a company with reliable customer support. There are three ways to contact the SD Bullion customer service team. They are as follows:

  • Live chat – You can get assistance from the live chatbot on the company’s website. Although it isn’t available 24/7, it’s still a great way to find quick answers.

  • Phone call – Dial 800-294-8732 to get assistance from a representative between 08H00 and 18H00 Monday to Thursday and 08H00 to 17H00 on Fridays.

  • Email – SD Bullion also offers email assistance. You can fill out the contact form on the website, and an agent will be in touch.

While this is sufficient to deal with customer complaints and queries, it would be helpful if the company offered a service channel that was not limited to business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about SD Bullion in the section below, where we address some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. Will I be responsible for market losses if I return my products to SD Bullion?

Yes. When an order is canceled, the bullion dealer takes a loss if the market price changes. This is why all online dealers have this policy to safeguard themselves from such losses.

2. Is there a physical store I can visit?

No. SD Bullion is an online retailer and does not operate from a physical store.

3. Can I change my order after placing it on the website?

Unfortunately, SD Bullion does not allow changes to orders after they have been confirmed. You will need to request a return.

4. Is SD Bullion a legitimate company?

Yes, SD Bullion is indeed a legitimate service provider that ships products domestically and abroad. It uses a number of safety features to safeguard users and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

5. Does SD Bullion offer IRAs?

If you’re interested in investing in your retirement, you might be wondering whether SD Bullion offers the option of setting up a precious metals-backed IRA. The good news is that it does! You can contact the company directly to learn more about the options available to you.

6. Can I pay for my precious metals with cryptocurrency?

Yes. SD Bullion supports cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can pay using Bitcoin with BiyPay.

Final Thoughts

Would we recommend investing in precious metals with SD Bullion? Absolutely!

SD Bullion isn’t the right dealer for you if you’re looking for a hefty gold bar or a wide selection of products to choose from. However, it should be your first choice if you want to buy physical gold and other precious metals for the most affordable price online.

The BBB has granted Doc Investments LLC full accreditation, and there are currently no open complaints for SD Bullion. Moreover, Authorize.net safeguards all client information, so you can trust that your data is safe when you purchase precious metals online from this reputable retailer.

If you found this SD Bullion review helpful, please browse our website to read more exciting content about precious metal dealers.