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Ron Paul Gold Investing Advice

While there are many people who are advocates of gold, Dr. Ron Paul stands out as one of the truly great gold advocates.  Today we’ll dive into Ron Paul’s gold investing advice and share some background information on the decorated businessman.

Who is Ron Paul?

ron paul
Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a former Congressman who is also an Air Force Veteran.  Not to mention, he’s also a medical doctor, an author, and most recently, an educator.  You can find him published 21 times, and many of his books focus on finance.  Famous pieces you may have heard about are “End the Fed,” and “The case for Gold.”

Paul has an enormous, cult-like following.  Describing himself as a member of the Libertarian party, he’s in line with their thinking on equal rights and limiting government size and activities.

For decades, Paul has shared his thoughts both written and verbally on smart investing.  As a gold advocate, his book “The Case for Gold” is one of the best-known books on the topic of investing in gold of all time.

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Why is Ron Paul such a big Gold Advocate?

In the aforementioned book, written in 1982, “The Case for Gold,” Paul points out how the monetary system is broken.

Whenever governments are granted power to purchase their own debt, they never fail to do so, eventually destroying the value of the currency.

In a stroke of genius that feels so on point as this article is published in 2022, Paul has known for many decades that an unbacked currency has many hazards, and will eventually fail.  We can point to the current levels of inflation right now and say that Paul was way ahead of the curve here.

Paul is an active advocate for gold, and currently partnered with the Birch Gold Group, a leading precious metals IRA company.  When he started working with them, he was quoted as saying:

Inflation is the worst tax you can have! If you think you have a million dollars, then you think you know exactly what you have. Inflation, though, is eroding your buying power day after day.

Paul isn’t wrong.  Just look at how much it costs to eat out, purchase groceries, fuel up your car, or just live a normal life in 2022!  The prices of items has created chaos on people’s every day habits.

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Gold has been a steady asset for over 5,000 years.

One of our major objectives is educating Americans at the options they have with their retirement funds.  Most people don’t know they can take action with their IRA, 401(k), or pension, and use it to invest in gold and precious metals.

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