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Quality Silver Bullion Review – Legit or Scam?

There are many options when it comes to investing in precious metals, such as gold and silver. Quality Silver Bullion is a precious metals dealer that has years of experience in the industry, providing quality bullion to consumers.

As with any business, potential customers should review it before paying for anything. Our extensive research presented in this report makes it, so curious patrons of Quality Silver Bullion do not have to complete their own investigation.

In this review, interested people can learn:

  • About Quality Silver Bullion

  • The products and services offered

  • Pricing information

  • How to set up an account

  • How the website and shipping work

  • Return and refund policies

  • Pros and cons

Continue reading for a Quality Silver Bullion review that tells you everything you need to know before you invest your hard-earned money.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if Quality Silver Bullion made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

About Quality Silver Bullion

Quality Silver Bullion

Quality Silver Bullion is a precious metals dealer that began distributing silver and gold bullion in 2008. Once functioning as a sole proprietorship, the company was bought by Regency Mint in 2020 and now operates through it.

There are no Quality Silver Bullion reviews online that provide direct commentary from customers. Plus, the company does not have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau or the Business Consumer Alliance.

Regency Mint, the current operator of Quality Silver Bullion, is also not credited by the BBB. However, it is considered an A+ business on the organization’s website.

Products and Services Offered

Quality Silver Bullion has several product offerings that customers can purchase. From gold bullion and commemorative coins to, of course, silver rounds, the company can meet many investment needs.

Silver Rounds

As the company name suggests, the principal offering is silver bullion, particularly silver rounds. Customers can purchase several silver coins, from the United States Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint. Accordingly, they have access to specialty government coins, including the following:

  • Indian head rounds

  • Morgan silver rounds

  • Walking Liberty coins

There are many other specialty coins investors can purchase. Multiple are specific to the government mint that produces them. Patrons can browse through these options on the QSB website.

Additionally, customers can invest in silver of different weights. The standard full round is the costliest, but investors can purchase fractions of the original bullion. Alternative sizing options include 1/10th of an ounce, 1/4th of an ounce, and 1/2 of an ounce of silver.

QSB Products

Precious Metals

Quality Silver Bullion offers an assortment of other precious metals, such as gold coins, copper, and blanks.

The gold options are a little more diverse than the silver, surprisingly. However, this could be attributed to gold’s more significant influence on the world market. Investors can buy gold in the form of bars, coins, and rounds. Sizing ranges from one gram to 10.

In addition to gold, Quality Silver Bullion sells copper. The company stated, though, that patrons should look to the gold and silver options as they have a more positive return in the market. Nevertheless, there are copper choices available for purchase. They are minted at 0.999 purity standards.

Quality Silver Bullion also provides blanks, which are coins made with precious metals that have not been stamped. There are several sizes and materials offered, including brass, copper, and silver.

Commemorative coins are available for purchase too. Most of them celebrate a birthday or Christmas, but interested consumers can peruse the website to see some of the other options. What’s more, Quality Silver Bullion can cut personalized engravings to make the coins even more special.


Coin and bullion collectors have plenty of choices for accessories. Quality Silver Bullion has products that accompany coins, such as holders, damage preventers, and care toolkits.

Buying Gold Bullion

People can sell their gold to Quality Silver Bullion. It has stated it accepts precious metals in any condition.

Custom Minting

One of the main services Quality Silver Bullion provides is custom minting. Since merging with Regency Mint, the company can help consumers create personalized coins. It also offers customizations for keychains and lapels.

The process of creating a personalized minted coin is pretty seamless. Customers work directly with the company for the perfect production of the coin.

First, they must contact Quality Silver Bullion to discuss their vision for the coin. The company then provides a quote.

Once patrons decide to work with Quality Silver Bullion, designers create a plan for what the coin should look like. After the customer confirms the appearance, they must pay for the service, so the company can begin production.

Moreover, once the minted coin is complete, Quality Silver Bullion packages it based on how you want and ships it. Customers can expect the entire process to take between four and eight weeks – a reasonable time frame for personalized precious metals.


QSB makes it easy for interested consumers to make a knowledgeable deal. The website offers an exact price point that many other companies in the industry do not provide. As such, there is no need to guess how much a sale would cost. The company offers the expected expense before patrons check out.

Additionally, the site displays a chart about the fluctuations of the bullion’s pricing. Since the market is so volatile, the value of these assets is going to change. Quality Silver Bullion helps customers make a more mindful purchase, which is a fantastic feature.

Overall, the pricing is excellent – even for first-time investors. With the expected sales and shipping cost, consumers know exactly how much money they must commit to the transaction, which is not too common in the industry.


Creating an Account

Quality Silver Bullion does not require customers to create an account when they make a purchase, which is excellent for investors who do not want to commit to one dealer of precious metals.

Having an account can make it easier to shop with the company. Interested investors can make a wish list, save their shopping history, and more.

If patrons want to create an account, the process is extremely simple. The option to make an account is available when people purchase from Quality Silver Bullion. All customers must do is submit an email and provide a password for their account.

Website and Shipping

The website for Quality Silver Bullion operates through Regency Mint. All the products are clearly labeled and make for easy shopping – whether it is for a straightforward investment or casual browsing.

After going through the checkout process, Regency Mint has fast shipping. Customers do not have to wait for very long to receive their purchase. Overall, this is a positive component of the company, especially as gold and silver bullion are popular assets.

Return and Refund Policies

While the site has a transparent valuation of the company’s products, it does not have enough information about returns and refunds. Therefore, investors may be wary about committing to a sale, especially first-time buyers.

Pros and Cons

When considering a company to invest money in, interested investors must weigh both the pros and cons. As such, let’s continue this Quality Silver Bullion review with an examination of the company’s advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons:


  • Large product selection

  • Clear and straightforward website

  • Optional account creation

  • Fair pricing


  • Not accredited by the BBB or the BCA

  • Hard to find reliable customer reviews

  • Unknown return and refund policy

Quality Silver Bullion Pros

There are several good things about this company. Since being absorbed by Regency Mint, Quality Silver Bullion has a larger selection of products. From its namesake silver bullion to gold and copper, the business can also provide customizations and commemorative coins.

The company also makes it easy for purchasing bullion, as the website contains a clear presentation of everything offered. Plus, it is easy to work with a specialist to personalize a minted coin.

What’s more, it is easy to create an account. Some other companies require patrons to open an account, but this is an optional component with Quality Silver Bullion.

Pricing for silver, gold, and other precious metals is reasonable. When comparing the costs to other companies, Quality Silver Bullion has fair and feasible charges that can work for a variety of budgets.

Quality Silver Bullion Cons

The main red flag for Quality Silver Bullion is that it has no accreditation from authorized organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau or the Business Consumer Alliance. While the company appears to be legit, not having authorization from these organizations is off-putting.

Likewise, Regency Mint is not credited on these websites either. It does, however, have a BBB rating of A+. This still does not authorize it as a credited company, posing a concern.

Finally, it should be easy to find client reviews about precious metals companies. However, it is challenging trying to find personal reports by actual customers on the internet. When searching for them, Quality Silver Bullion reviews were tough to locate.

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The Bottom Line

After reviewing the entire company, can consumers trust Quality Silver Bullion for their next investment?

Quality Silver Bullion is a solid company that sells precious metal bullion, including personalized engraved coins. While it appears reputable and many other reviews describe it so, it is not accredited by the BBB.

When it comes to assessing a precious metals dealer, this is practically a must. Companies like Quality Silver Bullion expect large payments due to the high price of gold and silver. Therefore, customers should be 100 percent positive their investment is trustworthy.

Overall, this Quality Silver Bullion review concludes that the company, which operates through Regency Mint, is a fairly reliable source for precious metal investments. However, it has no confirmation from the BBB – a source of concern. As a result, interested investors should proceed with caution.