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Precious Metals ROTH IRA – What You Should Know

If your goal is to have low stress and more comfort in your golden years, it’s important to focus on your retirement funds today and plan for the event. Usually, this means opening up a ROTH IRA. This type of account provides tax-free withdrawals when you hit the retirement age.

Though it’s wise to seek out a traditional or ROTH IRA, it’s not the only thing. A ROTH gold IRA will help you invest in precious metals, such as gold, palladium bullion, platinum coins, and silver coins. Such investments are smart because they protect you from inflation, diversify your portfolio, and grow your retirement account.

Many people want to explore this investment strategy. This guide breaks everything down about precious metals and how to find an appropriate ROTH gold IRA company to help you set up your IRA account.

How Do Gold ROTH IRAs Work?

Precious Metals ROTH IRA

A ROTH gold IRA is just one type of self-directed IRA that helps you invest in tangible assets, such as real estate, collectibles, antiques, and art. Gold and those other precious metals are one of the many items you can buy through a ROTH gold IRA.

With a ROTH gold/silver IRA, the contributions are made post-tax. Therefore, you don’t see as many tax benefits as with a traditional IRA. In fact, you pay taxes before the money gets deposited into the IRA account.

The tax model is very different from traditional IRAs, which tax your money when you withdraw. Generally, a ROTH IRA is the best choice if you expect to live in a higher tax bracket upon retirement.

You will need to use a self-directed IRA custodian to open your ROTH gold IRA. The self-directed IRA custodian helps you open your retirement account, buy gold and silver, and handles the reporting for the IRS. Once you open the account, you can fund it in many ways, such as with a transfer or rollover from another account or with cash.

Guidelines for Precious Metal ROTH IRAs

Along with the post-tax regulation, a ROTH gold IRA features fewer guidelines that you must follow. For example, there is a limit as to how much you may contribute. With ROTH and traditional IRAs, you may only contribute about $6,000 per year if you’re 49 years old or younger and $7,000 annually when you turn 50 years old (and over).

However, you can contribute to the ROTH account as often as you like, even when you’re into your retirement years. Before 2020, those contributions phased out at 70.5 years old.

Keep in mind that the contributions are not deductible. Since the money was already taxed, you cannot write those contributions off on tax returns every year as you would with a traditional IRA.

Likewise, there are penalties if you withdraw the funds before you hit retirement age. If you’re under 59.5, you will owe a 10 percent penalty on the amount you withdraw. Plus, the withdrawal could be considered taxable income. However, the rules still apply on where to get the precious metals.

How to Choose a Company that Offers a ROTH Precious Metals IRA

When choosing a gold IRA company to work with, it’s best to consider various factors before deciding on the one to pick. These include:

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings

  • Collection of precious metals sold

  • Customer support

  • Education resources available on the website

  • Annual fee and setup fees

  • Trustpilot rating

Best ROTH Gold IRA Companies for Physical Gold

If you decide to open such an account, there are various ROTH Gold IRA companies available to assist. Each one offers different terms, fees, and services, so you should compare your options well before choosing one to handle the procurement of precious metals and keep your account running smoothly.

Here are a few of our top picks for the best ROTH gold IRA company options:

Best for Customer Support – Goldco


Goldco might also be one of the best Gold IRA companies because it boasts of an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and features 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot.

The company offers tons of educational content and resources to ensure that you learn about precious metal investing and how gold works. Likewise, customer service is available through many venues, such as over the phone, online chat, and email.

Here are a few quick facts about this precious metals IRA brand:

  • There’s a first-year fee of $260; after that, you will pay $180 for an annual fee.

  • Open your gold IRA account to buy gold, silver, platinum, and other metals.

  • There’s a minimum investment required of $25,000.

Best Overall – American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is one of the top ROTH gold IRA companies and has been doing business since 2016. In fact, you only require three steps to create your account. First, you must speak with the representative and complete all the necessary paperwork. Then, you transfer funds into it.

Once the funds have been received, you can work with a precious metals dealer to purchase gold and have it securely stored in an IRA-approved depository.

Currently, the company features an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and has a 5/5 rating for Trustpilot.

Here are a few quick facts about this precious metal company:

  • Purchase gold, platinum, and silver in bars and coins.

  • It’s rated 5/5 from Trustpilot, with over 1,000 customer reviews.

  • Call (866) 525-9625 to speak to a representative.

Best Collection for Metals – Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group is also one of the best ROTH Gold IRA companies and will help you set up an account, purchase precious metal products, and fund everything. Once all that is done, the company safely stores and ships the investment with time.

If you use the company to buy precious metals, you will have access to palladium, platinum, silver, and gold bars and coins.

Currently, this company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and features 4.9/5 stars from Trustpilot.

Here are a few quick facts about this ROTH gold IRA company:

  • Enjoy excellent online educational content and resources.

  • Open your ROTH gold IRA to purchase gold, platinum, silver, and palladium in bars and coins.

  • Call (877) 544-1523 to speak to a representative.

Best for Low Fees – Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group is another great option when you’re searching for ROTH Gold IRA companies. This brand charges $180 each year if your account balance is under $100,000, and there are no fees if it goes over that amount.

Like most gold IRA companies on this list, Patriot features strong ratings. Plus, you can buy IRS-approved precious metals directly from this brand.

Here are a few quick facts about this precious metal IRA company:

  • Eligible accounts with less than $50,000 will have the first-year fees waived. However, if your account falls in the range of $50,000 to $99,999, your first two years are waived.

  • There are no fees for any accounts with more than $100,000, but you can expect to pay $180 annually if you have less than that.

  • Call (877) 583-2399 to speak to a representative.

Best for Small Balance Accounts – Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange is located in California and offers gold IRAs, various precious metals, and silver/gold bullion, making it one of the best Gold IRA companies out there.

If you have a precious metal IRA account under $200,000, the annual fee is only $150, so it’s much cheaper than some of the other precious metals companies on the list for such an account size.

Likewise, Orion has high customer reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Here are a few quick facts about this company:

  • Orion has more than 50 years of combined experience for precious metals investing.

  • The annual fee is $150 for accounts less than $200,000 and goes to $225 for accounts higher than that.

  • Easily open your gold IRA account to buy gold, silver, platinum, and more.

Roth GOLD IRA Compared to Other Account Types

ROTH IRAs aren’t your only choice when you need a self-directed IRA. Do you want to choose the best one? Here’s a look at all three options:

A traditional IRA account is:

  • Available to anyone

  • Is a self-directed IRA

  • Offers pre-tax status

  • Has contribution limits of $6,000 (49 and lower) or $7,000 (50 years and up)

  • Is deductible

  • Allows you to lower taxable income immediately

  • Requires you to make under $66,000 (single) and $105,000 (married, filing jointly) to deduct the full contribution

With a ROTH precious metals IRA, you see these features:

  • Available to anyone

  • Is a self-directed IRA

  • Doesn’t offer tax benefits (post-tax)

  • Has contribution limits of $6,000 (49 and lower) or $7,000 (50 years and up)

  • Is not deductible

  • Withdrawals are not taxed during retirement

  • Requires you to make under $125,000 (single) and $198,000 (married, filing jointly) to deduct the full contribution

Then, there is the SEP-IRA account, which offers these features:

  • Available only to small business owners and self-employed people

  • Is a self-directed IRA

  • Offers pre-tax status

  • Has contribution limits of $58,000 or about 25 percent of the annual compensation (whichever is less)

  • Is deductible

  • Has higher contribution limits

  • Requires you to be self-employed or working for a self-employed person. Likewise, employees have to work for that business three out of the last five years.

How Has Gold Done Over the Past Few Years?

Gold IRA Returns

Most people invest in precious metals because of stock market volatility. Though it sees greater returns over time than gold and silver, these metals are often better at withstanding the test of time.

When the dollar falls, people panic and sell all of their assets. However, gold and silver rarely do this, so they’re a protection against inflation and other issues.

The national debt ceiling is rising again, which means gold prices rise and the dollar depreciates. In fact, the US government’s debt is higher now than ever before. There’s a sharp reality to understand – the dollar isn’t the storage of wealth it used to be! However, gold has always been a safe haven and could be your best investment friend.

Gold is not a paper asset, so it’s not subjected to dilution like other investments. Overall, gold is a finite and tangible resource. You can easily store and access it, as well. However, you must remember that a ROTH gold IRA requires storage in a reputable facility/depository.

Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver (Precious Metals)

There are many reasons to invest in gold through a reputable gold IRA company. These include:

  • Diversify Your Portfolio – It’s risky to put everything into one asset or investment, which is why you see people using mutual funds, physical precious metals, and self-directed IRAs. Adding gold, silver, platinum, and others will reduce your risk level.

  • Economic Security – There’s an economic downturn happening right now because inflation is on the rise, and people aren’t spending money. Therefore, gold can help you reduce your losses.

  • Protect Yourself During Inflation – Whenever the US dollar’s value drops, so does your purchasing power. Gold investments help protect you against loss because it rarely lowers significantly when other currencies falter.

  • Large Growth Opportunity – The price of gold continues to rise steadily, though it reached its highest-ever price in 2020.

Conclusion – Should You Get a ROTH Gold IRA?

There are many advantages of ROTH gold IRAs. They can help you avoid taxes in retirement and build wealth in the long term. Likewise, gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals aren’t likely to lower in price as currency does.

Overall, a ROTH gold IRA is helpful for your retirement portfolio and will mitigate risk in the uncertain times of our economy. It also hedges against inflation.

It’s important to have a retirement plan in place before the need arises. Therefore, it’s wise to speak to a financial advisor who can help you determine if a ROTH gold IRA is suitable for you. At Investors Circle, we’re here to empower investors through education.