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Approved and Trusted Precious Metals IRA Depositories in 2023

When it comes to retirement investing, many people are worried about the future of Social Security and whether or not it will be there for them when they retire.

As a result, most of them are turning to these IRAs to ensure they will have the retirement income they need. Precious metals IRAs offer a number of benefits, including potential tax breaks, and can offer peace of mind to those who are worried about the future of their retirement income.

Traditional IRAs are limited to stocks, bonds, and funds, but a self-directed IRA can hold alternative assets like real estate, gold, and silver, among other precious metals.

What Are the Benefits of Precious Metals Depositories?

Precious Metals IRA Depositories

Precious metals IRAs are an excellent way to diversify a person’s portfolio and hedge against market volatility. They offer a variety of benefits to investors, such as stability and long-term growth potential.

Additionally, they offer diversification benefits because they are uncorrelated with traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Such IRAs also provide a hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, and other types of economic risk.

With these IRAs, you can own a tangible asset like gold or silver. They also offer tax benefits which can potentially increase the value of your investment. Many people view precious metals as a safe bet in times of economic turmoil and use them as an insurance policy against inflation and market downturns.

Why Choose a Precious Metals Depository?

With the advent of modern technology, precious metal depository services have grown in popularity as a secure way for investors to store their gold and other precious metals.

A precious metals depository is a secure facility, usually run by a third party, that stores and safeguards the gold and other metals owned by its customers. Depositories provide the security of a bank vault with the added benefit of insurance coverage.

Precious metals depositories typically offer clients a range of services, from storage to liquidation, depending on their needs. Many of them also offer added services, such as auditing and insurance, to protect customers’ precious metals.

Why Precious Metals Need to Be Stored in an IRS-approved Depository

The IRS requires that any precious metals investments be held in an approved depository. People have been attracted to these metals due to their intrinsic value and potential to appreciate in value over time.

As a result, many people have turned to IRS-approved depositories as safe places to store their precious metals. The IRS has a strict set of requirements for any depository offering to store and handle precious metal investments, ensuring that investors have the highest levels of security available.

On top of that, a precious metals depository must meet specific state and federal government laws, which the IRS must also approve. This is one of the reasons why precious metals stored have to be in an IRS-approved depository only.

IRS Approved Depository

The Six Best IRA-approved Depositories for Precious Metals

With the recent market volatility and concerns about the global economy, many investors are looking for alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income investments.

Precious metals have historically been a safe harbor during economic downturns and periods of inflation. Gold, silver, and platinum are often used as a way to hedge against inflation and protect against economic uncertainty. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved several segregated storage depositories for holding such major precious metals.

Delaware Depository Service Company

One of the most popular depositories for precious metals investing is the Delaware Depository Service Company, which has been storing precious metals since 1975. This approved COMEX depository is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is fully insured against any loss or theft.

The Delaware Depository Service Company is the largest and most trusted physical precious metals depository in North America. It also provides insurance packages that cover up to $100,000 for shipment purposes.

With over 40 years of experience in the precious metals investment industry, the Delaware Depository is the only company of its kind to provide a secure and convenient storage service for precious metals.

Since its founding in 1979, it has provided its clients with the ultimate security and ease of use when protecting their investments in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

DDSC also offers a full suite of services, such as precious metals trading, vaulting, fraud prevention, auditing, and more. This precious metals depository operates with a safe and secure vaulting system that allows customers to store their precious metals in separate accounts and custodians2.

Brinks Global Services

Brinks Global Services combines unsurpassed security with world-class customer service and technology to provide an all-encompassing solution for transporting and storing precious metals.

Its team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering a safe, efficient, and trustworthy service tailored to each individual client’s needs. On top of that, customers receive a 100% liability on their allocated storage of physical assets.

Brinks Global Services leverages advanced technology, sophisticated security protocols, and a team of experts to help ensure the safe transit of precious metals.

With a global network of international partners, Brinks Global Services is an approved depository of gold, silver, platinum, and more. On top of that, this gold IRA company is perfect for businesses and clients looking to store, transport, and hold precious metals securely.

JP Morgan Bank

With a service that provides secure storage and access to physical metals, investors can easily purchase, store, and access their metals. The bank is one of the world’s leading financial institutions and gold IRA depositories, so customers can be sure that this gold IRA company will provide excellent service.

Additionally, the depository has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, which translates to an added layer of trustworthiness in the service. The company also offers clients risk management solutions for all JP Morgan global metals investments.

This bank has a long history of safeguarding assets for individuals and institutions around the globe, and its services, as one of the best gold IRA depositories in the world, are unparalleled when it comes to precious metals.

Its secure storage facilities are equipped with the latest technology and are fully insured, providing clients with peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their assets. On top of that, JP Morgan Bank provides round-the-clock customer service, ensuring that clients can access their assets whenever they need to.


As the nation’s leading bank and an approved depository for precious metals storage, HSBC USA provides clients with the ability to store their gold, silver, and other metals in a secure and reliable environment.

The bank understands the importance of protecting each client’s investments, which is why it offers 24-hour monitoring and full insurance coverage on all deposits. HSBC Bank USA also offers competitive rates and fees, allowing customers to get the most out of their precious metals investments while still keeping costs low.

It offers a safe, secure, and cost-effective way for investors to store their gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins. This depository also provides an easy way to buy, sell, or transfer precious physical metals.

The low costs and secure storage make HSBC Bank USA a trusted choice for anyone looking for an ideal depository for their precious metals investments.

ScotiaMocatta Depository

With facilities located across North America, Europe, and the Far East, this depository offers storage solutions and services in all major precious metals markets. The depository is known as Canada’s gold bank, with over 500 clients representing some of the world’s leading banks, financial institutions, refiners, and manufacturers.

Along with providing secure storage solutions, the ScotiaMocatta Depository also offers additional services such as vaulting, transport, and other financial services. This exchange-approved depository provides authentic IRA custodians and holds a major percentage of the NYMEX and COMEX markets globally.

Are Precious Metals Stored in Mutual Funds?

Precious metals have become increasingly popular investments amongst mutual fund investors, as they provide portfolio diversification and can act as a hedge against inflation.

However, not all funds invest in precious metals, and fund investors need to be aware of the different types of funds available and the investment strategies that each one employs. Some mutual funds focus exclusively on precious metals, while others may include them in other investments such as stocks, bonds, and commodities.

How Many Portfolio Assets Should Be Invested in a Precious Metals Depository?

Investors often ask how much of their portfolio assets should be invested in precious metals. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and the current economic conditions. In general, most financial advisors recommend that investors allocate between five and 15 percent of their assets to precious metals.


Silver or gold IRA depositories are one of the best ways to diversify one’s portfolio assets without risking massive economic losses. The best gold IRA company will provide risk management solutions and an authorized IRA custodian to all clients. Annual fees will vary depending on the stock market and coin dealers. Authorized depositories also provide 24/7 customer service to all account owners.