The Patient Capital Collaborative Fund (PCC) ’13 fund has been named one of the 28 Best for the World Funds, setting the standard for measured, transparent impact. The PCC ‘13 fund, co-managed by Investors’ Circle and SustainVC, was ranked #2 for best overall Impact Business Model. This ranking is based on the GIIRS rating of the underlying portfolio companies’ social and environmental impact. Investors’ Circle would like to congratulate IC member SJF Ventures for making the list, too.

“The Best for the World Funds are using data that captures the impact of their portfolio companies’ operations and business models to make decisions, drive sustainable growth, and to distinguish themselves in the market. They are not just measuring their impact, they are managing it,” says Amanda Kizer, manager of the GIIRS Impact Ratings program at B Lab.

#FundedbyIC companies with the highest GIIRS ratings in the PCC ’13 portfolio are Edovo, Aunt Bertha, and Querium.

Edovo hopes to reduce recidivism by using technology to enable and improve educational/vocational programs in correctional facilities. To date, Edovo has provided over 1,900,000 hours of educational content.

Aunt Bertha is a software platform that connects those in need of social services to agencies while streamlining and improving the backend operations and workflow for service providers. Aunt Bertha’s platform has enabled 820,000 people to access the social services they desperately need.

Querium helps students master critical STEM skills, by delivering personalized, bite-sized lessons with step-by-step tutoring assistance. Through its artificial intelligence powered platform, Querium has benefited over 160,000 students. We are proud of these #FundedbyIC companies and the impact they are creating.

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