The board of Investors’ Circle-Social Venture Network has completed a comprehensive search process and is thrilled to announce the appointment of Valerie Red-Horse Mohl as our new Executive Director. She begins today. 

With leadership from Schaffer&Combs, the board reviewed a competitive field of talented candidates during this process. The search committee was impressed with Valerie’s multidimensional background, experience starting and scaling enterprises, insight into the unique needs and challenges of both mission-driven business leaders and impact investors, and strong storytelling abilities. Her 30-year career as an entrepreneur, banker, organizer, and filmmaker makes her uniquely qualified to serve as the first Executive Director of the combined organization.

Valerie’s career is a testament to her ability to perceive potential in recognizing and deploying capital solutions in response to the needs of underserved communities and sectors in the marketplace. A key accomplishment is her investment banking success where Valerie has led and closed $3 billion in capital raising transactions, specializing in sovereign finance for tribal nations.

The passion and vision that Valerie brings to our mission are contagious, and most importantly, she has shown time and again that her passions lead to action. She has founded nonprofit organizations that focus on women and youth empowerment, and she has produced and directed documentary films that raise social justice, civil rights, and women’s rights awareness. Valerie remarks, “I am humbled and honored to become part of this incredible team. An essential quality I will bring to this position is my absolute passion for positive change and sustainable solutions for the future. It is exciting to imagine the possibilities that await us!”

You are invited to welcome Valerie to our growing community here and get to know her in Brooklyn during our annual convening this fall.

Members, we look forward to introducing her to you on the next Virtual Member Meeting, through an “ask me anything” channel on our new online platform. Contact Meredith with questions. 


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