In an effort to provide the best deal flow options for IC members, we continue to explore ways to support entrepreneurs. As such, we are excited to launch our partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business by providing access to CASE’s Smart Impact Capital™ tool.

We identified 14 entrepreneurs who pitched at IC local network meetings in 2017 and received initial investor member interest but who did not receive investment. These #SelectedByIC entrepreneurs have access to Smart Impact Capital™, (SIC) an online toolkit for impact entrepreneurs raising capital. It is designed to help them be more efficient and effective at the process and has been crowdsourced from the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Presented in bite-sized chunks and on a flexible platform, #SelectedbyIC entrepreneurs can use what they need, when they need it.

The toolkit is organized into nine modules, based on topics every entrepreneur struggles with, including:

  • Practical explanation of the 11 impact capital vehicles now available. Rules of thumb to make decisions about the types of capital vehicles to pursue, and resources to empower the entrepreneur with a strong voice in negotiating.
  • The right story for the pitch. The field is beyond just deciding between impact-first or finance-first. SIC presents four varieties of investment stories that successful impact entrepreneurs use, often changing them based on their venture and their target investor.
  • Key investor outreach documents. Weave compelling investment stories throughout each of the entrepreneurs’ five key investor outreach documents with tips, guidance, and templates for developing each.
  • Nail the pitch. Tips and tricks for pitch prep, delivery, handling Q&A, and the key metrics every entrepreneur should be able to quickly communicate about their operations, finances, and impact.
  • Financial model that can be explained and adjusted with confidence. Simple yet powerful financial model templates that help entrepreneurs build a robust model, with supporting instructional videos to help demystify financial communication.

We are confident that this opportunity will help propel #SelectedBy IC entrepreneurs towards greater success and even possibly towards future IC engagement if appropriate. We intend to engage interested IC members in the process and will be back in touch with details. If you are interested in learning more about these modules or ways to connect with this pilot, email Renata.

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