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Is American Hartford Gold Legit? Diversifying Your Portfolio with Precious Metals

American Hartford Gold is a precious metals company recommended by most gold experts. The business is a reliable partner offering investment advice to several of its customers on how they can diversify their savings as a hedge to shocks in the financial sector. It guides them on how to do this with physical gold, silver, and platinum.

Converting your IRA or 401k into IRA-approved precious metals can be challenging. That is where companies specializing in gold IRAs step in to simplify everything.

Over the decades, gold and other precious metals have been excellent ways of preserving wealth against market fluctuations and economic disasters.

This American Hartford Gold review will first explore the challenges you face in choosing a company to trust with your life’s savings. It will also provide practical information for making the best financial decisions.

The company is the only precious metals company recommended by top investment experts such as Rick Harrison and Bill O’Reilly. It offers several competitive investment plans for gold IRAs, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium purchases.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if American Hartford Gold made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

About American Harford Gold

Is American Hartford Gold Legit

American Hartford Gold Group has worked with several families and focuses on helping them protect their assets. It advises you on managing a precious metals IRA to enable you to benefit from market movement.

The company has some of the most reliable industry professionals that offer quality gold and silver IRA investments, including 100% customer support. It is no wonder that the Better Business Bureau gives it an A+ rating.

American Hartford Gold is a good choice if you want to invest in precious metals. Customers have praised it for the quality service, dependable support, and swift processing it provides. This is one of the reasons why it is among the fastest-growing private investment companies in America.

Check them out if you want a precious metals IRA company that provides you with a privacy, safety, and convenience guarantee regardless of what is happening in the economy.

American Hartford Gold Products

American Hartford Gold offers customers the following:

  • Self-Directed Precious Metal IRA or The Gold IRA

  • Direct Purchases of Precious Metals such as gold bullion, bars, gold and silver coins, etc.

What Is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA represents a self-directed IRA that enables you to invest in precious metals. It combines the benefit of tax deferment, including owning physical gold and silver. The former contributes to wealth-building, and the latter promotes wealth protection.

Why Should You Invest in Gold IRAs?

Invest in Gold IRAs

You can protect your retirement savings and secure your family’s financial future through an individual retirement account (IRA). It is an account that enables you to create tax-free savings for future use.

Furthermore, you must transform a part of your long-term accounts into reliable assets to protect your retirement. Your IRA can contain cash, but this loses value quickly. The situation is worse when you consider how inflation is currently out of control.

This is why getting gold assets is necessary. Gold can retain its value over a long period. It is the reason many consider it a dependable asset to invest in. Even when the value of gold reduces, it is often by a small amount which gets restored soon after.

The global economy is currently under stress from shortages to wars, lockdowns, and inflation. Uncertainty is high, and it is expected that people will turn to physical gold IRAs to ensure that they preserve the value of the wealth they currently have.

A gold IRA investment experiences a different effect than the negative type other assets suffer during times like this. It is risky to know the economic dangers we are facing worldwide and still take no action to protect your future and that of your family.

Your safest bet now is to get a gold IRA.

Investing In A Gold IRA with American Hartford Gold

Several of the American Hartford Gold reviews online talk about how the company simplifies the opening of a gold IRA. It offers clients the opportunity to transfer their funds from existing retirement accounts or a rollover. This comes with no penalties and no taxes, allowing you to preserve your retirement funds without paying additional fees or making other investments.

Below are the three steps for opening a gold IRA with American Hartford Gold:

  1. Talk to an expert from the company

  2. Create a new account and fund it

  3. Buy your precious metals

As a dedicated precious metals IRA, the company expertly guides you through every step to ensure you don’t make mistakes. This is why its customer service is hailed in most reviews. The business focuses on how to give you total satisfaction with its processes.

Gold and Silver Coins You Can Buy as Assets

You can get the following gold products from American Hartford Gold as assets:

  • Australian Wildlife Gold

  • Canadian Buffalo 2018 

  • Australian Wildlife Silver

  • South African Krugerrand 

  • American Eagle gold coins

  • Canadian Buffalo 2021 gold coins

  • Canadian Polar Bear & Cub 

  • Canadian Gyrfalcon 

  • 2014 Canadian Arctic Fox 

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Royal, etc.

American Hartford Gold Fees

American Hartford Gold

You don’t have to spend so much to get precious metals. American Hartford Gold can help you invest in gold and other precious metals for a small fee of about $100 every month. The company provides you with the option of making a minimum investment of 2,500 dollars at go or growing your portfolio with a monthly investment plan.

Clients don’t bear any extra charges for setting up a payment plan. You only pay a $180 annual fee from your custodian to have American Hartford Gold store your gold and silver in your account with them. This account also requires a minimum investment of $10,000.

The Commitment of American Hartford Gold Makes to Its Clients

American Hartford Gold believes that customer satisfaction is always first. The company calls its clients every month to provide them with updates and market insights.

It also offers them the opportunity to ask any questions bothering them – this way, the company experts explain it to them.

You rarely read an American Hartford Gold review that complains about not reaching customer support.

The goal is to ensure that you understand what your investment in American Hartford Gold IRAs is costing you and the associated benefits.

It also makes its pricing model transparent to customers. This model is based on how much value the company creates from its products.

American Hartford Gold pays attention to the need of its clients in different ways. Firstly, it has some of the most knowledgeable staff members who specialize in precious metals and understand how to help you achieve your goals in today’s market.

The company pays attention to the smallest details to ensure that you have a custom experience whenever you reach out for support.

American Hartford Gold offers an exceptional commitment to the success of its clients.

It even has a buyback commitment to ensure that you can sell your precious metals at the price in your contract regardless of the current market fluctuations. American Hartford Gold maintains this price even when the prices of gold and silver reduce.

Additionally, customers receive their purchases anywhere in the United States for free. American Hartford Gold provides free shipping and insurance for clients to ensure that they protect their gold investment.

The company’s dedication to protecting the privacy of clients is unbelievable. American Hartford Gold believes that confidentiality creates a safe space for clients to interact, share ideas, and build partnerships.

It provides multiple communication channels and tools to ensure that your needs as a valued client are met. You get all the information necessary to enable you to make the best financial decisions.

Why Buy Silver Coins from American Hartford Gold Group?

American Hartford Gold also offers silver coins to clients as a way for you to invest in silver bullion. Silver offers high value at a low cost of production, making silver bullion coins for sale at premiums relatively lower than their melt value.

Looking at silver and gold from an investment perspective, you realize that the former offers better value than the latter.

Your investment dollars stretch further when silver prices fall. This enables you to purchase more ounces or grams at the same price.

It is easy to liquidate silver or hold on to it as an investment.

Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Value Preservation

Natural supply constraints and limited supply worldwide make gold and other metals scarce.

This creates an impressive risk-return profile for the commodity in comparison with other investments.

Easy Liquidity

It is easy to sell your precious metal assets for hard cash at any time. Accessibility to markets and speed of such transactions are better than liquidating other investments.

Getting cash for stocks and bonds requires a long process.

Asset Diversification

Diversifying your precious metals investing techniques can help you absorb whatever shocks you suffer when misfortune hits a sector of the financial market.

As an investor, gold provides you with a tangible asset that can balance your portfolio and reduce investment volatility during market downturns.

Inflation Hedge

Physical precious metals are always valuable, regardless of the state of an economy. This means that you won’t be affected by high inflation.

Your gold and silver create a hedge against the economic situation, helping you preserve your wealth and purchasing power.

Hedge Against the Dollar

Aside from inflation, gold can also help you create a hedge against the devaluation of the dollar.

Contrary to popular opinion, the value of the dollar has reduced over the years. This currently makes it vulnerable to inflation.

How Does Government Debt Destroy Retirement Savings?

A government can destroy retirement savings with lousy borrowing and spending. Additionally, a close assessment of the finances of several governments worldwide shows that this fear might soon be a reality.

Most have unsustainable budget deficits and national debts that have reached their limits. This is negatively affecting the purchasing power of traditional retirement funds.

Turning to precious metals to protect your wealth is a logical move since it provides you with a physical store value supported by a tangible item instead of credit from a government.

American Hartford Gold – FAQ

Is There a Minimum Gold IRA Contribution for Accounts with American Hartford Gold Group?

American Harford Gold has no minimum initial contribution for creating a new gold IRA.

Are the Physical Metals Mine or Do I Own Only the Certificates in a Gold IRA?

Any physical metal in your American Hartford Gold IRA is your property. The company only stores it in its private vault because of security and insurance. Even though you can choose to keep them at a different location such as your home, experts advise against it.

Several things can go wrong because you can’t dedicate your entire day to preserving precious metals. It also puts you in danger.

Do I Have to Pay the Shipping Fees on My Gold IRA?

American Hartford Gold provides free shipping on your metals if you store them in their private vaults. The company also offers free service calls to enable you to open up your gold IRA at any time.

How Do I Transfer Funds from My Retirement Account into the Gold IRA?

Moving funds from your retirement account into your gold IRA can be challenging. However, American Hartford Gold simplifies the process for clients. You can transfer the cash equivalent of your current retirement funds directly into your gold IRA or choose to roll over instead.

To do the latter, you only have to request it from your 401k or IRA plan. You confirm the transfer when you give consent for sending a check payable to the new gold IRA account.

Is American Hartford Gold Legitimate?

It is easy to understand why you will suspect the American Hartford Gold Group to be a scam. There have been many similar businesses in the past that only swindled clients.

However, American Hartford Gold is an authentic precious metals dealer with 24-7 customer service to enable you to reach them whenever you want. It stands out from other companies when you consider its excellent service and rapid growth.

The company offers gold, silver, and other metals available from the United States Mint coins for sale. With American Hartford Gold, you get high-quality products with the best pricing.