Don't Do It Alone

At Investors’ Circle, you will:

  • Engage with a like-minded community of investors – work with, learn from, and invest alongside experienced angel investors, venture capitalists, and philanthropists
  • Access high-quality deal flow at events, meetings, webinars, and on IC’s online platform
  • Learn how to perform due diligence, make investments, and manage your portfolio at educational workshops and webinars
  • Join the discourse on cutting edge sectors by participating in focused interest groups and selection committees
  • Collaborate on investments through pitch meetings, investor-only deal debriefs, and a facilitated due diligence process
  • Diversify your portfolio by participating in IC’s PCC series of funds
  • Support your portfolio companies by bringing deals to the IC community

Recent Exits

Our Investors

"Once foundations believe in the important why of mission-aligned investing, IC is a great place to learn the what and how and begin making those investments."

- Laura Kind McKenna, Philadelphia

"Be a part of the community! IC is both smart and nice- take advantage of that in this space. What makes this fun is working together."

-Alan Bernstein, New York

"To build the most diverse portfolio, I suggest co-investing with a group of like-minded individuals. There is power in community, and Investors’ Circle is a great place to experience that."

-John May, co-founder, IC and chair emeritus, Angel Capital Association

"IC has been a wonderful introduction to the world of angel investing. The workshops and meetings provide a strong educational foundation and exposure to a welcoming community and start-ups that are interested in making a social impact while making a profit. I am grateful to learn from and invest with experienced angel investors and an organization that explores new and alternate investment vehicles."

- Anu Ponnamma, Colorado

Our Membership

Members include high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, investment advisors, family office managers and foundation officers.



+ $1,000 one-time initiation fee
Includes two individuals



+ $1,000 one-time initiation fee
Includes up to five individuals and increased visibility

How do I become a member?

If you are an Accredited Investor, join now by completing the membership application

Engage with the IC community by attending a pitch meeting or educational workshop.

Browse IC resources to learn how to align your money with your mission.

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