Don't Do It Alone

At Investors’ Circle, you will:

  • Engage with a like-minded community of investors – work with, learn from, and invest alongside experienced angel investors, venture capitalists, and philanthropists
  • Access high-quality deal flow at events, meetings, webinars, and on IC’s online platform
  • Learn how to perform due diligence, make investments, and manage your portfolio at educational workshops and webinars
  • Join the discourse on cutting edge sectors by participating in focused interest groups and selection committees
  • Collaborate on investments through pitch meetings, investor-only deal debriefs, and a facilitated due diligence process
  • Diversify your portfolio by participating in IC’s PCC series of funds
  • Support your portfolio companies by bringing deals to the IC community

Recent Exits

Our Investors

"Once foundations believe in the important why of mission-aligned investing, IC is a great place to learn the what and how and begin making those investments."

- Laura Kind McKenna, Philadelphia

"Be a part of the community! IC is both smart and nice- take advantage of that in this space. What makes this fun is working together."

-Alan Bernstein, New York

"To build the most diverse portfolio, I suggest co-investing with a group of like-minded individuals. There is power in community, and Investors’ Circle is a great place to experience that."

-John May, co-founder, IC and chair emeritus, Angel Capital Association

"IC has been a wonderful introduction to the world of angel investing. The workshops and meetings provide a strong educational foundation and exposure to a welcoming community and start-ups that are interested in making a social impact while making a profit. I am grateful to learn from and invest with experienced angel investors and an organization that explores new and alternate investment vehicles."

- Anu Ponnamma, Colorado

Our Membership

Members include high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, investment advisors, family office managers and foundation officers.



Individual accredited investors and families
Includes two representatives



Institutional funds, foundations and family offices
Includes five representatives and increased visibility as an impact investing leader​

How do I become a member?

If you are an Accredited Investor, join now by completing the membership application

Engage with the IC community by attending a pitch meeting or educational workshop.

Browse IC resources to learn how to align your money with your mission.

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