IC-SVN Colorado recently launched Investor Stories, a new quarterly offering that creates space for members to share their unique journeys into impact investing. In addition to storytelling, this series of events also includes opportunities for investor members and potential members to network with each other, to share resources, and discuss what’s happening in their lives and locally in the Denver-Boulder ecosystem in an intimate and collaborative environment.

Learning about new entrepreneurs in the craft beer space and doing our due diligence at a quarterly gathering.

The inaugural Investor Stories gathering was recently held in Denver at the home of IC-SVN CO members, Martha Records and Rich Rainaldi. Rich and Martha were joined by longtime IC-SVN CO member Praful Shah in sharing their journeys to impact investing, including why they are so passionate about investing in early-stage impact companies.

Attendees included both seasoned impact investors and individuals who are just beginning their journey into impact investing. IC-SVN members were able to be transparent and honest about their experiences due to the private nature of the event while also connecting with each other in new ways. In addition to the structured programming, informal networking and socializing provided avenues to collaborate and share upcoming events, new products, and exciting companies Matt Moskal attended the event and decided to join the group shortly after and is now IC-SVN CO’s newest member. Says Moskal, “What better way to learn and become more targeted with the allocation of environmentally focused impact capital than a circle of experienced angel investors sharing successes and failures?”

Moving forward, Investor Stories gatherings will continue to take place in the homes of our investor members on a quarterly basis. We have already booked the next gathering for the beginning of May, to be hosted by Nicole Bagley and Steve Bachar. Whether you are a long time member looking to connect with the community in new ways or a local investor interested in learning more about how IC-SVN membership could support your impact goals, we would be delighted for you to join us at the next Investor Stories Colorado event. Register here.

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