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Goldco Affiliate Program Review | Discover If It’s Right for You

Goldco is known for being one of the most reputable companies in the precious metals industry.

It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance; it has also been featured in many other reputable review sites for those who want to invest in gold and silver coins.

If you’re here, the chances are that you’re interested in the Goldco affiliate program.

Gold affiliate programs, in general, are excellent ways to make money from direct sales surrounding gold and silver bullion/coins.

Overall, the Goldco affiliate program is a nice option if you’re an affiliate marketer, but there are a few things you must consider before signing up.

The following page will cover Goldco’s affiliate program and all the information you should know to start working with this precious metals company.

If you are looking to sign up, you can do so here:  —> Goldco Affiliate Program.

What Can You Do with Gold Affiliate Programs?

Goldco Affiliate Program

Generally speaking, you can earn a commission for every qualified lead you refer to the Goldco website.

Gold affiliates will also gain access to exclusive discounts that they can share with their audience in order to gain more leads for gold and silver investments.

The more leads you get for Goldco, the more money you will be able to learn.

Currently, the gold industry is more popular than ever, as precious metals, in general, have become a safe asset in times of financial turmoil.

About the Goldco Affiliate Program and Your Affiliate Link

What Do You Need to Start?

The good news here is that you can sign up for these affiliate programs for free.

However, to start using your affiliate dashboard, you must get approved by the company.

Technically, anyone can become a Goldco affiliate, but the company seems to pay attention to your affiliate experience in certain niches.

You will need to submit your websites/landing pages/marketing resources for approval.

Moreover, you will need to comply with Goldco’s promotional policies, which are said to be strict.

Financial experts don’t recommend beginners to apply for Goldco’s affiliate program, as getting approved will be difficult.

How Does It Work?

Once you get approved by this precious metal company, you will receive an affiliate link and access to your dashboard.

There, you will be able to use your personal affiliate link on your websites right away.

Moreover, you also have access to stats, which you should track to see how your links are doing.

Thankfully, there are many marketing materials/marketing tools you can use to become a better affiliate.

Only a few other affiliate programs offer this, so it’s greatly appreciated.

As mentioned before, each time you get a qualified lead to the Goldco website, you will earn a commission.

What Is Your Earning Potential with the Goldco Affiliate Program?

Goldco Affiliate Earning

Can you earn a reasonable amount of money as an affiliate for this precious metals company? Absolutely.

However, remember that there are many other affiliates on the website, so you must make the most out of your resources to stand out.

If you work hard enough and are consistent, you can certainly make a good amount of money through this affiliate program.

Generally speaking, Goldco’s affiliate program pays millions of dollars in commissions per month.

How Much Do Cookies Last?

Goldco’s cookies last for up to 30 days, which is a standard rate for many other affiliate programs.

When Does Goldco’s Affiliate Program Pay?

Goldco pays by the 15th of every month via PayPal or bank wire.  

—-> Join The Affiliate Program

Are There Any Resources or Tools You Can Use for the Affiliate Program?

We briefly mentioned there are many resources you can check to make the most out of your affiliate program experience.

It’s vital to note that Goldco encourages people from its affiliate program to create their own resources.

However, these resources must be approved by a Goldco affiliate manager prior to using them.

Not many other affiliate programs offer this kind of liberty, so it’s great news for those who want to get qualified leads faster.

Even if you don’t want to create your own assets for marketing, Goldco already offers a wide range of banners and messages you can use on the most common marketing channels, including:

  • SEO

  • Paid search

  • Social media platforms

  • Email

  • Blogs

  • etc.

Now, what are some of the resources you can use to get a better chance of gathering new leads? Here’s a list:

SEO Affiliate Training

Goldco offers an SEO affiliate training program for new affiliates, which is excellent if you want to make the most out of this powerful tool.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is currently one of the best tools you can use to boost your website, and therefore, your leads, so if you want to get more experience, we highly recommend you get this training program.

Interests, Keywords, and Email Swipes

Even though this platform doesn’t offer any training for PPC or social media ads, you can gain access to some tools that will help you with that area.

The Goldco affiliate dashboard can give you interest and keywords, which can help your banners and ads get more traction online.

Additionally, you have access to different examples and ads you can consider when making your next marketing campaign.

Those who work with email marketing can use Goldco’s email swipes to promote its service more efficiently.

Still, you should edit these swipes to match your writing style or personality.

Support Team

If those resources aren’t enough for you, feel free to contact Goldco’s support team.

This is considered one of the best support teams in the precious metals industry, so you can rest assured that there will always be someone willing to answer your questions.

Bottom Line – Is Goldco’s Affiliate Program Good for You?

Sean Hannity, one of the world’s foremost financial professionals, is currently partnered with Goldco, so this is an excellent opportunity for those who want to become a successful affiliate on this website.

As mentioned at the beginning, Goldco is currently one of the top gold companies in the industry, so if you have what it takes to become a great affiliate, then we highly recommend you go for this company.