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Gold IRAs with Lowest Fees – Where to Open a Precious Metals Retirement Account Without Spending a Fortune

Over the years, gold and other precious metals have proven to be good investment options, especially for those who expect to retire with enough money to enjoy peace of mind and happiness during their golden years. 

Compared to stocks and other alternatives, precious metals have intrinsic value, and it doesn’t tend to succumb to constant market fluctuations and hedges against inflation or other negative events. 

Therefore, many have turned to gold IRA investments to protect their retirement savings and even earn long-term gains. 

In some cases, believing that opening precious metals IRAs is expensive will hold some investors back. However, several gold IRA companies offer reasonable rates to help you open an individual retirement account and buy these valuable goods without spending a fortune. 

Do you want to know them? Find all the information you need to open a precious metals IRA with the lowest fees and a list of the best gold IRA companies here! 

5 Best Gold IRA Companies in 2022

If you plan to open a retirement account and buy precious metals, the first thing you should do is find the best gold IRA company. 

Fortunately, that’s what you can do here! Here’s a list of the best gold IRA companies, their main benefits, available products, and more. 

Goldco: Best Gold IRA Company Overall


When it comes to wealth and asset protection, Goldco is one of the best companies you will find. This firm offers services to open precious metals IRAs and buy physical gold or other products at great prices. 

With Goldco’s services, you can open both gold and silver IRAs. Plus, you can buy different precious metals, from IRA-eligible gold coins to silver bars. 

Goldco Products 

This company has partnered with several reliable mints to offer high-quality precious metal coins and other products to its customers, including the following: 

  • Gold American Eagle gold coins 

  • Gold Maple Leaf coins 

  • Gold Freedom and Hope coins 

  • Gold bars

  • Silver American Eagle coins 

  • Silver Maple Leaf coins 

  • Silver Lucky Dragon coins 

  • Silver bars 

  • And more 

Why Choose Goldco?

Goldco is a reputable gold IRA company with extensive experience in precious metal IRAs and retirement investments. Here are some aspects that make it a great choice:

Customer Service and Education

One of the things that makes Goldco one of the best gold IRA companies is its customer service. Its representatives strive to help customers get all the information they need to make an informed investment decision. 

Moreover, from the time you open your gold IRA to the time you buy the precious metals of your choice, you get help from an expert. Goldco takes pride in offering a white-glove service and making the process quick and easy. 

This gold IRA company is also committed to educating its clients about investing in precious metals and has an education center on its website with extensive resources, including eBooks, guides, and videos. 

You can also check out its blog, which has valuable and in-depth researched information on different topics, mainly focusing on the precious metals industry. 

Quick and Easy Process

If you want to open a gold IRA with Golco, you won’t have to wait for ages to do so. This company makes the process easy. You only have to sign an agreement on its website and speak with one of its representatives. 

Once you understand all the terms of service, Goldco’s representative will walk you through the process of opening a gold IRA and help you understand each step. After that, this firm also helps you fund your account. 

Unlike other providers, Goldco allows its customers to roll over a gold IRA. In other words, you can transfer your funds from your existing retirement account, including a 401(k), a 403(b), or a traditional IRA, to your new gold IRA and purchase precious metals. 

Other Benefits 

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, Goldco also offers the following benefits: 

  • Tax and penalty-free gold IRA rollovers 

  • Starter kit to get to know the company 

  • Direct gold and silver sales and purchases 

  • Extensive educational resources

  • Competitive pricing 

  • 10% back in free silver coins if you open a new gold IRA 

In addition, Goldco has earned near-perfect reviews on trusted websites, such as Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot. Therefore, you can be sure that this gold IRA company is completely safe. 

—>  Get a Free Wealth Protection Guide from Goldco.

Augusta Precious Metals: Best Reputation and Gold IRA Reviews 

Augusta Precious Metals

If there is a well-known gold IRA company in the industry, it’s Augusta Precious Metals. This firm has amassed thousands of five-star ratings for over a decade and has even won awards for its services. 

With Augusta Precious Metals, you can open a gold IRA and buy different products to diversify your portfolio. Find more information about it below! 

Augusta Precious Metals Products 

This firm is recognized for offering a high-quality catalog with IRA-eligible gold and silver bullion. Here are some of the products you can buy there: 

Physical Gold
  • American Eagles gold coins

  • American Eagle proofs 

  • Canadian Maple Leaf 

  • Gold Canadian Eagle 

  • American Buffalo 

  • Australian Striped Marlin

  • Gold bars

  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle 

  • Canadian Silver Eagle with Nest 

  • American Silver Eagle 

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 

  • Silver bars 

Opening Gold IRAs with Augusta Precious Metals 

Besides having over 10 years in the industry and offering first-class physical precious metals, this gold IRA company is also renowned for its easy process for opening a retirement account. 

As soon as you request the service, a company representative helps you understand each step and make an informed decision. You can also talk to a live agent to get financial advice and valuable information on precious metal IRAs, which is key to determining if this is the investment alternative for you. 

Then, you can open your gold IRA and start buying gold bullion or other precious metals in less time than you think. However, you should keep in mind that opening a retirement account with this company requires a minimum deposit. You need at least $50,000 to start the process. 

In addition, this company allows clients to fund their gold IRAs through rollovers. 

Ratings and Reviews 

As mentioned, Augusta Precious Metals is considered one of the best gold IRA companies for its reputation in the industry. 

Having opened in 2012, this gold IRA provider has earned the highest ratings from the Business Consumer Alliance. 

Additionally, this company offers new customers a 100% money-back guarantee, seven-day protection, and fair pricing. 

Augusta is also one of the most transparent firms you can find. If you need information about its rates, terms, products, or pricing scheme, you only have to open its website. 

Other Benefits 

This gold IRA company also cares about its customers’ satisfaction and security. Therefore, it has partnered with the highly reputable Delaware Depository to offer the best storage solutions.

Delaware Depository has different vault locations around the United States!

In addition, Augusta has worked with trusted gold IRA custodians for years to offer customers the best administration solutions, too. Some of its partners are Gold Star Trust, Equity Trust, and Kingdom Trust. 


However, Augusta has two main cons that you should be aware of before determining if it’s the best company for you. First, even though all the products are high-quality, this gold IRA provider has a limited catalog of physical precious metals. 

Therefore, if you want to invest in gold bullion but are also interested in buying silver, platinum, and palladium, this company is not the best choice. 

Moreover, Augusta’s minimum investment amount is too high. If you do not have $50,000 available, you will not be able to open a gold IRA with this company. 

—>  Get a Free Wealth Protection Guide from Augusta Precious Metals

American Hartford Gold: A Gold IRA Company with a More Extensive Catalog 

American Hartford Gold

Another one of the best gold IRA companies you can find out there is American Hartford Gold. 

This firm has been in the precious metal business since 2015, so you can say that it’s relatively new. However, it has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has amassed nearly perfect reviews on major platforms, including Trustpilot (4.9) and Google (4.8). 

In addition, American Hartford Gold is also a precious metals provider. In other words, besides opening your gold IRA, you will also be able to buy your assets there. 

American Hartford Gold’s Products 

This company has also gained popularity for its extensive catalog of products, ranging from gold bullion to collectibles. Here are some of the goods you can buy there: 

  • Gold and silver coins 

  • Platinum bullion

  • Collector coins 

  • Gold bars

  • Silver bars 

High-Quality Customer Service 

American Hartford Gold offers many benefits, but one of the main ones is its high-quality customer service. After opening your gold IRA and buying your assets, you will get a delivery to your doorstep. However, this only applies to collector coins, as gold and silver must be stored in third-party depositories. 

Since not all customers can store their goods at home, this company has partnered with different renowned depositories to offer the best solutions, including Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services. 

Both have earned an excellent reputation in the industry and offer comprehensive storage solutions to all gold IRA investors. However, you have to pay fees for this service. 

Simple Process

American Hartford Gold is another of the gold IRA companies offering a simple and fast process to open a precious metals IRA. You only have to follow three steps. 

First, you should contact one of the company’s representatives. Then, it’s time to transfer the funds to your new account or make a gold IRA rollover if you prefer that option. 

Once your gold IRA account is open and active, the last step is to choose the precious metals of your preference and buy them! 

Other Benefits 

In addition to excellent customer service, an extensive catalog, and an easy process to open a gold IRA, this company also offers price matching and buyback commitment. 

Although gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are high-value assets, they can be less liquid than other investments. However, with its buyback program, American Hartford Gold can buy your goods or find a buyer, helping you save on fees. 

Moreover, this company doesn’t charge fees for opening a gold IRA or sending your assets to the depository. However, you’ll likely have to cover annual maintenance and storage fees.  

Unfortunately, this gold IRA company doesn’t have all the information about its prices on its website. Therefore, if you want to budget to open your account, you must contact one of its representatives. 

—>  Get a Free Wealth Protection Guide from American Hartford Gold Group

Birch Gold Group: Gold IRA Provider with Extensive Experience 

Birch Gold

Another of the most reputable gold IRA companies in the precious metals industry is Birch Gold Group, which has been in business since 2003 and has worked with 13,000 customers! 

Birch Gold Group has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its excellent customer service and problem-solving practices.

Also, this is one of the few companies with an extensive catalog suitable for those who want to buy more than just gold bullion. This firm offers silver, platinum, and palladium coins, bars, and rounds. 

In other words, it’s one of the best choices if you want to diversify your portfolio with different assets. 

Birch Gold Group Products 

As mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of Birch Gold Group is that it offers different precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition, this company’s catalog includes collectible, numismatic, and premium coins. 

These are some of the products you can buy at Birch Gold Group: 

  • American Gold Eagle coins 

  • American Gold Eagle proofs 

  • American Buffalo coins

  • Australian Gold Florin

  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins 

  • Gold Twin Maple coins 

  • Silver Twin Maples 

  • American Silver Eagle coins 

  • American Silver Eagle proofs

  • Australian Silver Florin 

  • American Platinum Eagle

  • Platinum bars and rounds 

  • Australian Platinum Florin 

  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf 

  • Palladium bars and rounds 

Open a Gold IRA In Minutes 

Among the benefits this firm offers, there is the easy and fast process to open a gold IRA. It starts with two simple steps: contact Birch Gold Group and select the funding source. 

If you prefer gold IRA rollovers, Birch Gold Group may be the company for you, as it allows customers to roll over or transfer funds from their existing individual retirement account to their new self-directed IRA. 

After you convert your 401k to physical gold, you can select and purchase the precious metals of your choice. 

Customer Service 

Another aspect that has made Birch Gold Group an excellent choice for those looking to open a gold IRA is its excellent customer service. 

When you contact the company, a precious metals specialist helps you review the available account options and the methods to fund the one you choose. In addition, this expert can help you find the answer to all the questions you may have. 

After you open your gold and silver IRA and purchase your precious metals, this specialist reviews your order and sends you a final confirmation to verify that you are making a correct and informed decision. 

In addition, this representative will also walk you through the storage options available to help you pick one that meets your needs. 

Other Benefits 

Birch Gold Group has partnered with the best and most reputable depositories in the industry, hoping to provide their customers with the best storage options and give them the peace of mind they deserve. 

However, the company often works with Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Service, the industry leaders when it comes to storage facilities. 

Also, unlike other gold IRA companies, Birch Gold Group offers its clients guidance after purchase. If you want to know how your assets are performing, you only have to contact the firm and a specialist to help you determine if you should make some changes to your account. 

If you don’t want to invest in a gold or silver IRA, this company also has some options. You can buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium directly through its services, using just a personal check or wire. 

Then, the company sends your metals to your desired location, always maintaining discretion to protect your precious assets. 

Do you want more information about this company? Just ask for a starter kit when you contact its representatives! 

Noble Gold Investments: Gold IRA for Different Precious Metals 

Noble Gold

If you are looking for a company that can help you buy gold bullion and other precious metals, Noble is the one for you! 

Besides selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, Noble Gold has an extensive catalog of rare coins. Therefore, it’s the best company for collectors! 

Also, unlike other gold IRA companies, Noble doesn’t require a high minimum investment. If you are a small investor or it is your first time acquiring precious metals, this company may have everything you need! 

Educational Material and Support 

Noble has earned an excellent reputation among precious metal IRA holders because it offers first-class customer service. If you are a newbie, you can get help from a precious metals IRA specialist or find helpful educational material on its website. 

This company is committed to helping people open their gold IRAs through a simple and fast process. You only have to fill out a form on its website (it takes only five minutes) to get started. 

Also, if you are not sure about the answers or have doubts about any step in the precious metals IRA process, Noble Gold Group has experts at your service to clarify all your doubts. 

Moreover, the company’s team contacts your gold IRA custodian to make sure your precious metals are properly stored and handles the additional paperwork you must complete to open your account. 

After that, Noble sends you your self-directed IRA account number via email. 

Different Funding Methods and Purchase Options 

Another of the biggest advantages of Noble Gold is that it allows you to transfer your assets directly from your existing custody to your new IRA or roll over the funds to your new account to buy the precious metals of your choice. 

If you follow all the rules (Noble’s advisors also help you understand them), you won’t face tax penalties when making transfers. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice if you want to open precious metals IRAs without spending a fortune. 

Also, if you want to buy precious metals directly, you can leverage Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs. They include hand-picked selections of liquid metals that can help you invest in the best assets for your retirement. 

Other Benefits 

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, Noble Gold Group has an excellent reputation in the precious metals market for the following reasons: 

  • Offers some of the best gold prices in the market

  • Provides fast and secure shipping to your desired location or depository

  • Has hundreds of five-star reviews from previous customers who have trusted its services 

  • Offers a buyback program to help customers sell their assets 

How to Pick a Reputable Gold IRA Compan

Gold IRAs with Lowest Fees

If you want to open a precious metals IRA to buy physical gold or other precious metals, it is essential to find reputable gold IRA providers. Therefore, you should analyze some aspects to determine if you are making the right decision before picking one.

A few factors can tell you if a gold IRA company is reliable, reputable, and knowledgeable, including the following:

Reviews and Reputations

When looking for a company to open gold IRA accounts, you should check other customers’ reviews.

All companies get positive or negative reviews for a reason, don’t you think? If you want to know if the one you found to open your precious metals IRA is trustworthy, you should take a look at them and find out the reason behind that comment.

If you choose a gold IRA company with an excellent reputation, you’ll likely have a positive experience opening your account and buying your precious metals. That’s why this step is essential!

Do you want to evaluate the reputation of a gold IRA company? Check out the Better Business Bureau. This organization collects customers’ written reviews and complaints about firms.

Based on those reviews, the Better Business Bureau rates companies on a scale from A+ to F. If the one you found has an A+, it’s reliable!

Easy Precious Metals IRA Setup

Another aspect indicating that a company is reliable is the process of opening a precious metal IRA.

Most gold IRA companies go to great lengths to provide their customers with a stress-free process for opening an account. Some even offer guidance from qualified advisors to help you make the best decision for your retirement investment strategy.

Those gold IRA providers listed above offer a quick and easy process to open an account. Plus, they let you talk to an investment professional to protect your hard-earned money!

Costs and Fees

Another aspect you should keep in mind before making gold IRA investments is the cost and fees scheme. Almost all precious metals IRA companies charge fees for their services.

These fees usually cover those expenses related to opening an account or maintaining it over time and securing your precious metals. Therefore, if you find a firm offering free services, you should be careful!

A trusted gold and silver IRA provider requires time and experience to facilitate the process. You need to pay to get both things! Furthermore, companies that offer free services usually do not provide the benefits that reputable ones do, including professional assistance and guidance in opening an account, for example.

However, a precious metal IRA company should not charge fees that are too high to be reliable. If a firm asks you for too much money for its services, you should check if it is not focusing on maximizing its profits instead of offering expert assistance and quality products.

Extensive Catalog of Gold and Silver Products

Although it’s up to you, choosing gold IRA companies offering a wide catalog of products is a good decision. If you pick one with more options to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.

Gold is one of the best assets you can buy if you want to protect your retirement savings. However, silver, platinum, and palladium are also great alternatives.

Many companies offer an extensive list of coins, bars, and other products. Some even allow you to invest part of your money in cryptocurrencies. Depending on your needs, these providers could make the investment process more straightforward.


Finally, there are buybacks. Not all reputable companies offer this option. However, working with firms that can buy your assets when you want to change your investment strategy or need some cash can be a smart choice.

Many reputable companies offer buybacks and make the process as hassle-free as possible to give you the peace of mind you deserve during your golden years. Also, some can even ship your precious metals back to the facilities for free if you buy your assets directly from them.

While you can find reputable companies that do not offer buybacks, this option is often seen as a cushion to fall back on when you have to sell your metals for any reason!

Final Thoughts: Where Can You Open Gold IRAs with the Lowest Fees?

As you can see, all gold or silver IRA companies in the precious metals market are different and do not have the same fee schemes. However, Noble Gold Group has the cheapest services among all the options listed above.

This firm can help you open your gold IRA account and buy precious metal coins without charging a fortune.

Also, it’s the best gold IRA company for those who want to purchase precious metals to protect their hard-earned money or earn long-term profits, as it offers an extensive catalog with coins and bars made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRAs

How Much Do Precious Metals IRAs Cost?

The fees to open a gold and silver IRA vary depending on the company you choose. However, there are typically three sets of costs associated with opening these accounts.

It’s not uncommon for a gold investment company to waive setup fees for a larger initial deposit. However, many companies charge a one-time fee to open precious metal IRAs. It usually ranges from $50 to $150.

You must also pay the costs associated with the gold IRA custodian and depository, which often range from $50 to $300 annually, depending on the number of precious metals you have to store.

Top gold IRA companies do not charge commissions to those who need to purchase or sell precious metals. However, you may find some charging a high fee for this service.

Also, when you need to sell your gold or silver coins, some companies add a “markup” to the spot price. It’s their take for facilitating the transaction. Reputable firms are transparent about this fee, but others are not.   

Here are links to fee’s for companies we recommend: 

Should I Make a Gold IRA Rollover?

Choosing an option to fund your account depends on your needs. If you have money in a retirement account and want to use it to buy precious metals, rollovers can be an excellent option. However, if you want to avoid tax and penalty fees, direct transfers might be more beneficial.

Is a Precious Metals IRA the Best Way to Invest in Gold?

If you want to invest in gold, silver, or another precious metal, there are many options available. However, gold IRAs are among the best!

You can buy precious metals outside of an IRA with no restrictions imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or storage fees. However, a gold or silver IRA gives you some tax benefits that can help your long-term retirement investment strategy.

Should I Buy Gold or Silver Coins?

If you plan to diversify your portfolio, you can buy any precious metal! Gold is many people’s favorite because it tends to have a higher value and is more popular. However, the price of silver has also risen in recent years, and this asset can work very well as a hedge against inflation. The same is true for platinum and palladium.