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In-depth EmGoldex Review – Was It a Pyramid Scheme Setup? [2023]

Have you ever been fascinated by the beauty of valuable metals? Well, gold has been a highly sought-after asset for thousands of years, from the time of ancient rulers to stories of adventurous pirates, and now amid financial trading markets and stock exchanges. 

EmGoldex, afterward known as Global Intergold, is an important player in this shiny game, which promoted an active online platform for trading gold bars and other valuable metals. 

However, did investors trust its attractive promises in the midst of the appeal of gold bullion bars and silver rounds? This EmGoldex review aims to provide you with an honest assessment, shedding light on how the company operates in the valuable metals market. 

We delve beneath the polished surface to give you accurate and reliable information to help you make decisions.

Before diving into gold trading with your initial investment, let this review be your guide in navigating the fascinating but complex world of precious metals investing. 

Remember, not everything that glitters is gold. The company is closed online and has been banned in Massachusetts, Finland, Colombia, Estonia, Panama, the Philippines, and other countries.

Advisory!  Prior to diving into this review, we’d like to stress that at Investors Circle, our mission is to protect your wealth.  We know that our research reports may alter your investment decisions, so we want to be 100% sure you are investing your hard earned money with the right company!

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See if EmGoldex made our list this year, or continue with this review below to see if they are possibly the right company for your investment needs.

Here’s What EmGoldex Is


Looking beyond the shiny exterior of EmGoldex reveals a disappointing truth. Instead of being a reputable gold investing platform, the firm operated more like a pyramid scheme.

Many investors who wanted to buy precious metals such as gold and silver bullion bars were often left empty-handed.

EmGoldex originated from the Gold and Silver Physical Metals Company in the United Arab Emirates back in 2010. Since then, it has faced controversy due to its questionable practices.

Despite claims of a connection to the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, EmGoldex firmly denies any association and lacks the necessary licenses.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has warned against EmGoldex, labeling it a Ponzi scheme. In response, the company underwent a rebranding effort and emerged as Prosperous Infinite Philippines Holdings Company (PIPHC). However, this new branch also faced violations of regulations.

Media reports indicate that both EmGoldex and PIPHC are banned in the Philippines and other countries.

Participating in EmGoldex’s scheme required recruiting at least two new members, a typical characteristic of pyramid schemes.

While EmGoldex presented itself as a multi-level marketing model, it focused more on enrolling investors than providing quality and cost-effective gold products.

On the surface, EmGoldex offered an enticing opportunity for an initial investment, with promises of a trading starter pack valued at thousands of dollars. However, these offerings were merely distractions intended to lure investors into a complex trap. 

Therefore, this EmGoldex review aims to highlight the potential risks of this gold investing platform and caution people that want to invest their hard-earned money in it.

Learn What EmGoldex’s Pyramid Scheme Looked like

EmGoldex Gold Bars

Attracted by the prospect of shining riches, many people were deceived by EmGoldex, a scheme that claimed to offer profits from trading precious metals.

Despite its alluring nature, the actual situation was quite different. Let’s take a closer look at how this multi-level marketing company operated.

The Gold Bars Mirage

EmGoldex’s scheme began with an order for a set of investment gold bullion, with an estimated value circling around $8,000. However, it’s not all about paying upfront or having the physical precious metals at the investor’s disposal.

Moreover, the enticing allure of owning precious metals, such as gold bars or platinum coins, is but a decoy to pull people into the questionable business of EmGoldex.

Members had two paths to take: Basic Access, which demanded around $630, or the more appealing Accelerated Access, which costed about $1200. Regardless of the chosen path, the harsh reality of the EmGoldex scam gradually started to unfold.

Entering the EmGoldex Labyrinth

Once the company sorted the investor’s initial payment, they received access to the EmGoldex marketing program, supposedly a platform to connect with other teams and a pathway towards promised huge returns.

Regrettably, beneath its appealing exterior, this program was nothing more than a funnel for the company’s multi-level marketing tactics.

A unique access code would put investors into a confusing payout structure, leaving them with a maze of instructions and no real assets.

Despite claiming to be a major player in the same market regulations as other online trading platforms, the truth about this company was far from it.

The Recruitment Game

At this milestone, the member, now caught in the scam, has no recourse but to partake in the recruitment process.

Each member must recruit two new investors, which resembles a typical pyramid scheme. This not only grows the business but fuels the EmGoldex scam.

EmGoldex members were encouraged to promote the supposed benefits of gold investment, even though there was no genuine investment involved.

Many victims were compelled to recruit acquaintances or colleagues in a desperate attempt to recoup their first investment.

The Payout Mirage

Once a member has successfully recruited two individuals, they were deemed eligible for a payout.

However, failure to do so leads to a total loss of the investment. Even after crossing this hurdle, the promised payouts were vague, with no clear terms specified on the website.

As the awareness of such pyramid schemes increases, finding willing investors becomes a challenging task.

Many lost patience and gave up before they could recruit the necessary two people, extending the time frame for any potential returns.

The Inevitable Collapse

In the grand scheme of things, every pyramid structure eventually crumbles under its own weight when it cannot sustain the payouts. Any EmGoldex members with money invested at that point stood at a high risk of losing everything.

Since the entire pyramid depended on new money coming through the ‘one plus two’ recruitment, it faltered without it.

As it expanded, the system buckled under the strain of more payouts than investments, which led to an unavoidable downfall.

Furthermore, EmGoldex masqueraded as a gold or sometimes forex trading platform for financial instruments such as gold bars, silver bars, and platinum coins, using deceptive tactics that potentially led to significant financial losses. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to be vigilant about such schemes and constantly scrutinize any too-good-to-be-true offers that come your way. 

The best gold trading platform is one that operates within market rules and offers multiple payment methods. Some even offer a free account for trading gold, silver, and palladium bars without deceptive practices.

Did EmGoldex Sell Gold Bullion Bars?

Gold Bullion Bars

EmGoldex presented itself as a major online trading platform that deals with the buying and selling gold process. It promoted itself as a strong and attractive opportunity, taking advantage of the ongoing appeal of gold.

However, the truth behind its operations, managed from Seychelles, is quite different from the shiny promise it presented.

Instead of offering tangible products, such as gold or silver bars, EmGoldex promoted an imaginary investment opportunity.

Also, it essentially sold a dream and encouraged investors to prioritize recruiting others rather than selling actual gold.

The company claimed to provide training to its members, but this education primarily revolved around recruitment tactics rather than valuable insights into the precious metals market. Moreover, this raised another concern or a warning sign.

Was Selling Gold Even Possible with EmGoldex?

There’s a clear lack of solid evidence confirming any genuine gold sale, which raised doubts about EmGoldex’s credibility.

Instead, it mainly thrived on contributions from investors. While it showcased a small reserve of gold in the UAE, it seemed to be a mere distraction aimed at trapping investors.

The company attracted new members by using the allure of gold’s stable value, offering them big returns and financial security. However, even if EmGoldex were legitimate, these promises are greatly exaggerated.

EmGoldex’s claim of immense international wealth, the importance of self-education, and its “low risk, high reward” slogan should have been seen as early warning signs of a potential scam. 

Furthermore, the sense of urgency it created and the limited upfront information it provided should have made people a bit more cautious. Now, was EmGoldex a scam? The multiple red flags strongly suggested so.

Did EmGoldex Have a Gold Trading Starter Pack?

EmGoldex appeared to be a major precious metals trading platform, attracting potential investors with an interesting offer. It promoted a starter pack that seems to be an excellent opportunity to make money. This pack included a high-quality gold ring and a one-ounce gold bar.

At first glance, it seemed like an unbeatable deal. The starter pack, valued initially at around $3,750 (PHP 195,000), was available at a significantly reduced price of approximately $1,875 (PHP 97,000). However, this discounted price applied if you made a bank deposit or chose to pay cash on delivery.

Similarly, EmGoldex knew how to make its offer sound very appealing. Also, for investors, it was important to look beyond the enticing offer and question the true value of the financial instruments it provided. 

Furthermore, the allure of discounted gold might be tempting, but it’s crucial to conduct thorough research before venturing into the world of online gold investing.

Are All Gold Trading Platforms like EmGoldex?

It’s important to understand that not all precious metals trading platforms are the same. Major companies in this sector provide diverse financial instruments and maintain transparent operations. 

Unlike EmGoldex’s model of gold investing, which tied an enticing starter pack to bank deposit payments, these established firms provide options that suit an investor’s comfort level and risk tolerance. 

These companies also offer detailed information on its product, helping you make well-informed decisions. While gold’s allure is undeniable, it’s important to choose a platform that doesn’t just dazzle with promises but substantiates them with reliable, ethical practices.

Therefore, when you decide to invest in gold, make sure to do your research and choose a platform that genuinely respects your investment.

Bottom Line

Navigating the world of gold trading calls for vigilance; for example, financial instruments such as those offered by EmGoldex often blur the lines between promise and reality. 

It’s important to carefully examine the honesty and reliability of these platforms before investing your money. Be sure to select a platform that is transparent and trustworthy, providing real value and protecting your financial interests. 

Remember, investing wisely often means understanding the fine print and recognizing the red flags. Therefore, whether it’s EmGoldex or any other platform, make an informed choice, and let your financial journey lead you towards prosperity and security, not uncertainty and risk.