Financial Terms
Credit Score
Do you know your credit score? According to research, nearly a quarter of Americans have no idea and never check it, even though it could affect the loans they get.The world of credit scores is challenging because understanding every single detail takes time. Plus, it’s fraught with misinformation. In some cases, what you’d assume would...
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Accredited Investor
Some exotic, riskier investment alternatives are only available to certain individuals or entities that meet certain requirements and regulations. They are known as accredited investors. Since they are high-net-worth individuals and have sufficient experience, accredited investors can acquire unregulated, private, and riskier investment assets. This group of “exclusive” and complex securities may include early-stage startup...
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Dollar Collapse
You are definitely not alone, if you find yourself thinking about what a dollar collapse would mean for your life savings. At present, this worry affects a lot of people. It is important to start thinking about your options in the future.Fortunately, you can guard against a dollar collapse by investing in some specific assets....
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bear trap
Many traders refer to insider lingo known among the financial community, but for others to understand these terms sometimes takes a little explanation.  A bear trap happens when the sentiment is that the market is going to turn downward but conversely, the prices reverse and go up.  We’ll go over bear traps and explain how...
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