The annual January social gathering in Philadelphia was an occasion to pause and reflect on what we accomplished together during 2017. The Philadelphia group has been steadily building momentum over the past seven years, and it feels like we are hitting our collective stride as we head into 2018.

During our recently monthly meetings, the room has been full; so much so that we’ve needed to bring in extra chairs. We have more active angels who are stepping-up and contributing their time and passion – helping with screening, due diligence, mentoring entrepreneurs, attending local events, and participating in local governance. Our often raucous, but respectful, conversations are abuzz with a diversity of impassioned ideas. It’s a blast!

Our local community is helping beneficial businesses find capital and opportunities. IC Philadelphia was thrilled to exceed a goal set four years ago to fund two deals a year of over $250,000. In 2017, we funded three, deals that garnered over $300,000!

Collectively, as we continue to gain critical mass and momentum, we hope to be inspiring others. Our members have helped place Philadelphia on the map as a national impact economy leader – we are authors, speakers, judges, and organizers. Our #FundedByIC entrepreneurs are garnering local & national accolades; we are so proud of them. And during its 25th anniversary, Investors’ Circle as an overall organization looked to its local networks as a vehicle for creating change and evolving the field going forward.

We thank our 10 new members for joining us and our experienced members for their guidance. We are grateful to our national and local colleagues for contributing to IC Philadelphia’s progress. Now that we are hitting our stride, we don’t plan to glide. In 2018, we look forward to welcoming new members to our community including our new SVN colleagues, to collaborating with our fellow members around the country, and to continuing as innovative contributors to a good and just economy… cheers!

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