IC Team

Executive Director

Bonny Moellenbrock

Vision. Complexity. Conductor. "Working toward the day when 'impact' is 'Business as Usual'. Bonny is the Executive Director More...
Director of Investments

Justin Desrosiers

Systems. Creativity. Dog Lover, Cat Herder and Matchmaker Extraordinaire. "Yes, I want to hear about your waste management More...
Director of Operations

Rachele Haber-Thomson

Energy. Metrics. Firecracker.  "I have a formula for that spreadsheet that will knock your socks off." Rachele joins More...
Director of Membership & Special Programs

Alexandra LaForge

Observation. Analysis. Historian. "Invest as though the world depends on it. Because it does." Personal Impact Obsession:  Poverty More...
Director of Business Development

Jill Newbold

Action. Humor. Passionista.  "Is this a job?!  Working with Sponsors and Partners who want to be a part of, and support, the impact More...
Finance Manager

Elizabeth Taylor

Insight.  Perspective. Accomplisher.   "Steady as we go, a better world here we come." Elizabeth Taylor is Investors' More...
Marketing Coordinator

Rena Avramidis

Rena manages IC’s communications and enjoys supporting all aspects of IC’s marketing and operations. Prior to IC, she interned with B Lab More...

Job Openings

There are no openings at this time.