Our Mission

What is the mission of Investors' Circle?

To catalyze the flow of capital to for-profit companies that provide social and environmental solutions. 

How does Investors' Circle achieve this mission?

Investors' Circle acheives its mission by:

  • Attracting and sharing high-quality impact enterprise deal flow
  • Vetting and coaching selected impact entrepreneurs
  • Providing opportunities for selected entrepreneurs and investors to meet
  • Facilitating the due diligence and investment process
  • Incubating new initiatives and financial instruments to make it easier to invest in impact enterprises

What is Investors' Circle Vision?

The transformation to a sustainable economy.

How is IC different from other angel networks?

  • We’re about impact: IC is the oldest, largest, and most successful impact investing network in the world, having propelled over $165 million into 265 impact enterprises dedicated to improving the environment, education, health and community over our first 20 years.
  • We’re a national network: All IC members are part of a national network of investors dedicated to accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy. Members may also engage with each other in local IC networks.
  • We’re active impact leaders: IC members are impact investing leaders, working together to build the impact investing marketplace.

Founded in 1992, Investors’ Circle is the oldest, largest and most successful early-stage impact investing network worldwide. Together with hundreds of angels, venture capitalists, foundations and family offices, we have propelled $185 million into more than 290 enterprises and funds dedicated to improving the environment, education, health, and community. We aim to move $100 million more by 2020. Impact Investing Happens Here.

Our Membership

Who are IC members?

Members include high net worth individuals, venture capitalists, investment advisors, family office managers and foundation officers.

How much does IC membership cost?

The annual fee for an individual or Network membership is $2000 plus a one-time initiation fee of $1000. 

The annual fee for an institutional or Nexus Membership is $5000 (which allows for up to five people on the membership and includes greater visibility within the IC network).

How do I become a member?

First, check to make sure that you are an “accredited investor”. Second, download and complete the membership application

Do I have to be actively investing in deals in order to be an IC member?

We, as a community of investors, share abiding concerns and a sense of urgency to invest in ventures that are addressing environmental and social issues. Although there is no investment requirement at present, IC encourages members to invest in the companies that circulate and present at the venture fairs. Doing deals is important to continue the momentum that IC has created in the marketplace and adds value both to the companies and to our own investment process.

To catalyze the flow of greater investment, we also offer the Patient Capital Collaborative managed by SustainVC, a pooled angel investment vehicle for IC members.

What is the balance between angel and institutional investor members?

Two-thirds of IC members are individual angel investors; the other third are institutional investors.

Why should I become a member?

As an IC member, you are part of a growing, nationwide movement to support the transition to a sustainable economy. You will build personal as well as co-investment relationships at members-only gatherings. You will develop your skillset and share your knowledge around impact investing.  Read more about becoming an Investors' Circle member in our Become a Member section of our website.

How many members does IC have in my local area?

While Investors' Circle is proud to be a national - and even international network - we are also working to build strong regional presence throughout the US.  If you are looking for IC members in your area, please email alaforge@investorscircle.net.  We would be happy to connect you with members near you.

How many members are interested in each industry sector?

Investors' Circle members come from a wide range of backgrounds, with varied industry experiences and interests.  We would be happy to connect you with similarly-interested members.  Please email alaforge@investorscircle.net  for this information.

Our Impact

How much money has been invested?

Since 1992, Investors’ Circle has facilitated the flow of over $166 million into more than 265 for-profit private companies and small venture funds focusing on social and environmental solutions.

What size investments do IC members make?

Checks written by IC members range in size from $5,000 to $100,000. Investors invest individually, or with a syndicate of members. The average investment in a company by a syndicate of members is $250,000.

Where can I send my investment ideas?

Anyone can recommend companies by encouraging them to go to the “Entrepreneurs - Our Funding Process” link on the IC website. As a member of IC, you are allowed to circulate deals free of charge if you are already invested in the deal or if you are part of the management team.

What happens after a pitch event?

Using the GUST deal hosting platform, IC coordinates due diligence teams for each company that has received investor interest. This online due diligence platform is a place for investors to share their knowledge, interest levels, and general opinions about the quality of each company and investment opportunity.  IC staff also organize and host conference calls for interested IC members and companies.